The Woman In Black Movie Review

Hello all.

Today’s movie review is as the title says, “THE WOMAN IN BLACK” starring Harry Potter… Whoops I mean Daniel Radcliff. His first movie, since ending the eight movie franchise “Harry Potter”.The story for this remake is: Arthur Kipps (Daniel Radcliffe) is a young lawyer who is depressed by the loss of his beautiful wife after giving birth to a son. His son, now grown to a toddler, draws pictures of him with a sad face. He is assigned to prepare a large house for sale on a marsh and travels to an obscure village where he is shunned by most of the townspeople. He visits the Eel Marsh House, the estate of the late Alice Drabow, to look it over, but finds his job has grown more perilous as it is haunted by the ghost of a woman scorned. He learns from the villagers that the ghost of the woman in black seeks revenge against their children because her child was taken away from her. Kipps is befriended by Sam (Ciaran Hinds) and his wife Elizabeth (Janet McTeer). They, too, have lost a son, and they help the lawyer to investigate the background of the estate and what happened.

starring along side Radcliff is:

  • Ciarán Hinds as Sam Daily, a local landowner
  • Janet McTeer as Elizabeth Daily, Daily’s wife
  • Sophie Stuckey as Stella Kipps, Arthur’s wife
  • Misha Handley as Joseph Kipps, Arthur’s son
  • Liz White as Jennet Humfrye, The Woman in Black
  • Daniel Cerqueira as Keckwick, the carriage driver
  • Tim McMullan as Jerome, the local solicitor
  • Aoife Doherty as Lucy Jerome, Jerome’s daughter
  • Roger Allam as Mr Bentley, senior partner of Kipps’ firm
  • Victor McGuire as Gerald Hardy, a villager
  • Alexia Osborne as Victoria Hardy, Hardy’s daughter
  • David Burke as PC Collins, village constable
  • Ashley Foster as Nathaniel Drablow, The Woman in Black’s son
  • Jessica Raine as Joseph’s Nanny
  • Shaun Dooley as Fisher, village innkeeper
  • Mary Stockley as Mrs Fisher
  • Sidney Johnston as Nicholas Daily, Daily’s son

This remake from the 1989 T.V. movie seems to sway away from the old one slightly with characters and plot. (Fyi, if you ever seen the Potter movies, the man who plays “James Potter” plays “Arthur Kipps” in the original the “son really becomes the father” lol.)


Now even though I’m not a big fan of horror cause for years now, most have been VERY shitty, I gave this movie a chance cause I was hearing good things and I was curious as to how well Radcliff would do post the Potter series. He didn’t really impress. Now I never thought he was a superb actor, but he seemed to be decent. Mind you, we all basically seen him in one role, unless you noticed him as “Edmund” in “The Simpson’s”. But I digress, I got scared maybe a total of three times. That’s no record or anything. But in my defence, I REALLY DIDN’T SEE IT COMING when I did get scared. The first one was roughly around 20 or so minutes in. Then again two more time around the 50 minute mark.

Acting wise, Radcliff and crew, as I said, were ok at best. Nothing to brag home about.

Cinematography and effects were decent as well. It felt like the camera was always moving and for some reason I really enjoyed that. It wasn’t shaky cam so it wasn’t annoying like other movies. But other than that, the only shots that stood out were something like this. Think of a cartoon where you see someone dreaming and theres that dream bubble just over their head. This picture is just the same thing almost.

The only issue I had with this movie was how Arthur Kipps character story arc is wrapped up. I won’t ruin it but, heres a hint…. “Drag Me To Hell”.


Overall rating of the movie: 3 out of 5, Cinematography: 3.6 outta 5, Editing: 4.8 out of 5, Audio: 4 out of 5, Acting: 3 out of 5

THAT’S IT! Cheers: “To Peace” and May the Force be with you!

– Xavier

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