Return Fete 2012 footage [brought to you by Caribbean Connections]

Greetings everyone,
Today it came to my attention that at this year’s annual Return Fete brought to you by Dr Jay and the New K.O.S Family, that not only did it feature some of Soca’s best artist…but it also featured some of my twitter followers as well. A few of which made an appearance on stage to perform with “the big man in the business” Mr Iwer George himself.

Also, there were more of my followers scattered about in the crowd. See if you can find yourself(in the crowd), then like the video and share the link with your friends who weren’t at Return Fete.

This video footage of Return Fete made possible by Caribbean Connection TV
[Saturdays on CityTV ch7/10:30am in North America, T&T ch150 & 66, Barbados ch507, SVG ch52, Jamaica ch134 & 116, St Kitts ch54, Nevis ch53, St Lucia ch14, Anguilla ch53, Bermuda ch15, Turks & Caicos ch35 at 10:30am]

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