The Notorious B.I.G – Juicy [Throwback Music Video]

Ok I’m not really a big fan of Hip-Hop, but when I do listen to it…its mostly Old School. I was diggin in my crates looking for a throwback tune for y’all and by process of elimination Biggy took the cake (no pun intended). If you’re old enough to remember AND play games systems such as Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis, then you are old enough to know the words to this song. I’m not talking about just the chorus..I’m talking about the ENTIRE song lol. I sure as hell know I can’t forget the words.

“Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis/when I was dead broke man I couldn’t picture this” .. Every time I hear that verse of the song I always think back to when my brothers & my sister use to kick my ASS in Killer Instinct for Super Nintendo. I use to complain and shit ALL the time lol, but it was good times though can’t lie.

Anyways, Enjoy folks

Courtesy of yours truly

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