Fantazia International Band Launch

Ladies & gents, dogs and squirrels..
The Fantazia International Band Launch is almost here..are you ready? Like last year, TSM will be on the road with Fantazia International chippin and gehin on BAD!! If you haven’t figured out who you are playing mas with this year then I would recommend you come play with us(no pun intended lol). Last year we had an INSANE amount of fun, and this year I can only promise you “Plenty Vibes & Plenty Action”.

Our theme this year is “Wonders of the Enchanted Forrest”. Which means all Fairy’s, Ents(talking tree’s), Talking Dragon Flies an all dem “enchanted” ting will be on de road. I can’t stress enough how much fun we had last year. If you were with us on the road then you know what I’m talking about.

Contact me to get your tickets for the band launch

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