Hometown Spotlight

Hey, hello, hi! My name is Chi and welcome to my dojo. I am the newest member in TSM, and I am beyond excited.

Now, onto my little project entitled ‘Hometown Spotlight’. I have always tried to support local artists who are serious about their career in the city, especially since it’s hard to generate a buzz around these parts. So, basically every week or so I will try to shed some light onto some up & coming artists from Toronto, who are serious about their craft. A lot of these artists are young, extremely talented, and have captured my interest in one or several ways.

But, for today I will just leave you all with a short preview of some of the artists that I will be featuring later on.

Here are the Cypher videos from some up and coming artists, which were shown at the Stylus DJ Awards last Sunday in Toronto, entitled ‘CityOnMyBack – Cypher’

Twitter: @SeseSeason | @JellyTooFly | @Raheem | RazFresco | @DJLaw3000 | @CityOnMyBack | @StylusSpinFest

Twitter: @ShiWisdom | @CarringtonWorld | @DevonTracy | @The6thLetter | @DJLaw3000 | @CityOnMyBack | @StylusSpinFest

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