Smallville Season 11 #8

For the most part, each issue has been one “episode” that just so happens to connect. But this one, as much as it follows the same idea, definitely felt like a part to the next issue (one would hope, right).

Somehow, Lois had gotten word her father, General Sam Lane, was openly attacking Superman (unknown to her that Lex had a hand in this, or at least it wasn’t mentioned). After some cool dodging of military weaponry, Clark is trapped by three helicopters. They open fire on the Man of Steel, the man who can bounce bullets off his chest as if they were a rubber ball against a wall. One bullet ricochets, hits a helicopter and it begins to descend, towards Lois (of course it does), and in swoops Superman. A stunned Sam Lane calls off the attack, and tells his men to call HQ, and Lex. At Lexcorp, Lex discovers how & why he still sees his departed sister. The long and short of it is, go watch season 3, the toxin she uses to wipe his memory is created/mentioned there. She is basically sharing a conscious with him, so my theory was wrong, but it was an interesting idea. He then says to her that he is trying to rectify the situation. Then at S.T.A.R. labs, Dr Hamilton comforts Mrs. Henshaw, and in walks Lex who says he needs to buy one of Dr Hamilton’s drones… To be continued…

The story is becoming much bigger each issue. Since they don’t have to worry about budgets, they can basically go all out and do & or create what they want to. This Lex is becoming more and more like the one from the show, a rich, smart, mad scientist, who fronts to being one of the men trying to help the world. This issue has again a lot of flash backs to previous seasons, one of thmn even has me stumped (Time to re watch 10 seasons of Smallville).

Brian Q, has been pretty consistent with his dialogue. It hasn’t been over the top, or too childish. It’s really in tone with what the show is, all while hitting certain pop culture references as most comics do. He has given us what seems to be one arc of a lot of action, so I’m not complaining. Idk if this is to continue the seasons, or just to serve as an epilogue of what the show started, either way, his writing, in particular the last few, have been great. BUT.. I’m still confused about HOW THE HELL Lois found out about Clark being in the General’s sights? And how one section of a city is “totally” cleared out in a moments notice. This isn’t Smallville’s season 4’s season finale.

The art was good for the most part. My favourite panel/ page, was the one when Superman is Flying away with Lois. It had the Reeve’s Charm.I’m noticing that a lot of Mr. Perez’s art is stiff, almost blocky at times, but maybe that’s just me.

Enjoy your week.


  • Overall rating of the comic: 4 out of 5,
  • Art:  3.5 out of 5,
  • layout*: 4 out of 5,
  • True to character dialogue: 4 out of 5,
  • Story: 4 out of 5,Thank you for reading feedback is always helpful.

THAT’S IT! Cheers: “To Peace” and May the Force be with you!

– Xavier – @CoolyoNgeLEW

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