Smallville Season 11 #26

Smallville1126-1Smallville1126-2The 26th issue has Lois paying Lex a visit who seems to be controlled by Tess in some fashion. It Lex or Tess leaves a note for Lois “HELP!” Meanwhile over The Atlantic Ocean, Superman and The Flash/ Kid Flash, Impulse (which ever you agree with that he is, use, but for each time he’s referenced from here on out, he’s Impulse/Bart) do their normal routine of racing each other to Mumbai, India. Somehow Impulse beat him there. Later Superman fills Impulse in on the radiation issue caused by Lex, over ice-cream. They end up having a real bromance moment. Seconds later, Watchtower summons the two to Paris to deal with art thieves. The two agree to make it a “best two outta three” race, this time Bart gives Supes a head start. Just as he is about to take off, something calls out….

Smallville1126As you can see in the sample here the art is a lot better overall, Minus the part in the story with Lois, Jorge Jimenez (Carrie Straghan on colours) really craft a nice tone to the book it’s a very loose looking anime style (which I think I said in the last issue review). I think its safe to say that since the first arc, we are gonna see less and less likeness to the actors in particular to Tom Welling as Clark. which isn’t such a bad thing, but its a tad annoying to me anyway. I mean, for 10 seasons we’ve seen Tom, so I was hoping the artist’s would do a little more justice to the source material… but meh, life goes on right?

Bryan’s clearly setting us up for  something. This issue really just felt like a filler or a bridge even. With Bart in this issue, we’ll see a lot more “fast paced” action (really as fast as one could imagine for a comic). Expect a lot of mexican slang, and some back story, I’m sure, later about why he had Barry Allen, Jay Garrick, etc., I.d’s. I’m sure whatever is calling out to him is gonna be something from the speed force. which recently caused Barry Allen to make a return from the dead in Final Crisis (which totally sucked by the way).


  • Overall rating of the comic: 4 out of 5,
  • Art: 4 out of 5,
  • layout: 4 out of 5,
  • True to character dialogue: 4 out of 5,
  • Story: 3 out of 5.

Thank you for reading feedback is always helpful. Enjoy your Week!

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THAT’S IT! Cheers: “To Peace” and May the Force be with you!

– Xavier – @CoolyoNgeLEW

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