Soca Explosion Vol.5: Legacy

So it’s here…



SEV: LEGACY [Track List]

  1. All Gold Everything – Trinidad James ft. Machel Montano & Pitbull
  2. Tobago Love [Travis TDW Road Mix] – Shurwayne Winchester
  3. Manager – Nadia Batson
  4. Shangri La – Nadia Batson
  5. Call My Name – Destra Garcia
  6. Stranger – Farmer Nappy
  7. Stranger [Road Mix] – Farmer Nappy
  8. Minglin – Farmer Nappy
  9. Anything Ah Want – Chucky
  10. Anything Ah Want [M. Marfan Road Mix] – Chucky
  11. Bootcamp – Super Jigga TC
  12. Professional – Nutron
  13. Ah Feelin To – Shurwayne Winchester
  14. Ah Little Wine [Scratch Master Road Mix] – Patrice Roberts
  15. Ah Little Wine [DJ Jerome Road Mix] – Patrice Roberts
  16. Bubblin – Mr. Nutron
  17. Bubble – Iwer George
  18. Wine Back [Road Mix] – K.Rich
  19. Thief A Wine – Kes
  20. Project 5 Riddim Instrumental
  21. Wining Queen – Denise Belfon
  22. Permission Granted – Patrice Roberts
  23. Feter – Benjai
  24. Life Of The Party – Machel Montano
  25. Love Me Carnival – Problem Child ft. Patrice Roberts
  26. False Teeth Riddim Instrumental
  27. I Ok – Kes
  28. When Ah Gone – Kerwin Du Bois
  29. Play D Mas – Shal Marshall
  30. Differentology [J’Ouvert Road Mix] – Bunji Garlin
  31. The Fog – Machel Montano
  32. The Fog [Illusion Powder In De J’ouvert Mix] – Machel Montano
  33. The Fog [Precision Road Mix] – Machel Montano
  34. Fete Of D Year – Kerwin Du Bois
  35. Possessed – Machel Montano, Kerwin Du Bois ft. Ladysmith Black Mambazo
  36. Don’t Judge Me – Machel Montano
  37. We Liming – Shal Marshall & Super Jigga TC
  38. Partier – 5Star Akile
  39. Savage – Bunji Garlin
  40. 25/8 [Road Mix] – Lyrikal
  41. 25/8 – Lyrikal
  42. Stag Riddim Instrumental
  43. Bring It To Meh – Kes
  44. Fancy Thong – Swappi
  45. Vibrate – TC
  46. Doh Beat Up – Zuki & Tim Tim
  47. Come For Dat [DJ Jerome Road Mix] – Kes
  48. She Ready – Machel Montano
  49. Indian Gyal – Drupatee & Machel Montano
  50. Friends For The Night – KI & 3Veni
  51. Prescription – Ravi B
  52. Sponsor Meh [Precision Road Mix] – Rayzor
  53. Roll That Bumper – Ambi ft. Ricky T
  54. Stick Shift – Krystal Khayne
  55. X Rated – Mr Renzo
  56. Wassyness – Destra Garcia
  57. Tremble – Benjai
  58. Juk – Lil Bitts
  59. Fireman – Nadia Batson
  60. Wettin – Kerwin Du Bois
  61. Drunk – Farmer Nappy
  62. Drinkin Rum – Machel Montano
  63. We Not Stopping [Razorshop Roadmix] – Shurwayne Winchester
  64. Whistle & Horn – Cassi
  65. Wah Go – Olatunji
  66. To The Future – Bunji Garlin
  67. Leh Go – Blaxx
  68. Leh Go [Road Mix] – Blaxx
  69. Doh Mind – Machel Montano
  70. Cya Bother We – Lil Rick & Benjai
  71. Waistline Energy – Lil Rick
  72. Backazz – Kerwin Du Bois
  73. Float [Acapella] – Machel Montano
  74. Float [Drum Mix] – Machel Montano
  75. Witch Doctor – Machel Montano
  76. Witch Doctor [Road Mix] – Machel Montano
  77. Monstrosity – Skinny Fabulous & Machel Montano
  78. Psycho – Lavaman
  79. Gyal Alone – Lavaman
  80. Bad Like We – Bunji Garlin & Tallpree
  81. The Lunatic – Prophet Banjamin
  82. Formula – Fay-Ann Lyons
  83. Start It Up – Devon Matthews
  84. Start It Up [Road Mix] – Devon Matthews
  85. Trinidadian – Kes
  86. Unfinished Business – Iwer George
  87. De Stage Open – Fay-Ann Lyons
  88. Rum Please [Remix] Fya Empress & Fay-Ann Lyons
  89. Rum Please [DJ Jerome Road Mix] – Fya Empress & Fay-Ann Lyons
  90. We Control D Road – Shurwayne Winchester
  91. Back Road – Swappi
  92. Cha-Os – Swappi
  93. Cha-Os [Road Mix] – Swappi
  94. Intercol Riddim Instrumental
  95. Gutter – Nadia Batson
  96. Doh Tell Mi – Nadia Batson
  97. Yuh Role – Kerwin Du Bois
  98. Energy High – Machel Montano
  99. Journey Continues – Bunji Garlin
  100. Vikings Coming – Bunji Garlin
  101. Eff – Fay-Ann Lyons
  102. Fantastic Friday [Illusion Road Mix] – Super Blue
  103. Fantastic Friday – Super Blue

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Oblivion: Movie Review

Another apocalyptic film, this time starring Tom Cruise.

DirectorJoseph Kosinski WritersMichael DeBruyn (screenplay), Joseph Kosinski(graphic novel original story),


I saw the trailer online, thought the concept was ok, but I didn’t care for it either way… I wasn’t in a rush. That aside, my general feeling for this film is one of mixed feelings. Personally, I find that it didn’t know what kind of movie it wanted to be. From the early stages, it’s definitely an apocalyptic love story with some action. Well, more of a haunted love story and a really grand optimistic view on a dark reality. I say haunted, not in the horror/scary movie sense, but just simply by a moment in time before this the end of the world. Then it turns into a fight for the power, but it’s very short-lived. In a 124 minute film, a good percentage is spent on the love story side of it all. Then the rest, roughly 45 mins, is all “kill the slave masters” (yes, I’ve been watching way to much Spartacus).

Tom Cruise.. He runs in all of his movies so if he didn’t do that, I would say that this movie really sucked. But, this role didn’t have him as hero bad ass, as his last installment, “Jack Reacher” would imply. But, he did run, and, surprisingly enough, he made his co-stars seem very much believable from his acting skills. Now that’s some talent. Andrea Riseborough I didn’t like, I don’t know her, by face, from any other film/role, but she creeped me out the entire time she had any screen time. Her role seemed to be the most organic, however. The main love interest, with the help of Cruise, also seemed to be very believable. She comes in late, but you kinda care for her once it’s all said and done.

The biggest highlight to this motion picture, was the cinematography. It just has these great use of camera angles and meaningful ways to convey hidden messages. There’s a bit of a Peter Jackson/Lord of the Rings style with showing a lot of landscapes as Tom Cruise’s character, “Jack Harper” travels the barren wastelands. They found great ways to get images to work in their favor. Apparently, they used a projector lamp to get some of their final shots. They took HD images of what they wanted, placed it behind  Jack Harper, who was in front of some kind of projection screen. It actually comes off pretty nicely. Typically, a director would just use some kind of “green screen” (so far I’ve seen purple, blue and the traditional green for effects of this nature). One thing I was disappointed with was that this movies seemed to be a movie worth a bigger scale. It could have easily been an Imax movie (after it’s all said and done of course) or looked just that much better in 3D. Truthfully, I can only guess why a movie isn’t in 3D these days.

The general story line gets mucky after the character Julia shows up. It just doesn’t flow as it once did. The audio for some actors isn’t entirely crystal, so when they speak, you hear them, but you can’t entirely hear what was being said. Now, that could have been due to the theatre of choice and then the theatres choice of auditorium (I saw it in an AVX theater for those of you Canadian/Toronto folks). the story also very predictable if you rationalize everything. The details point to a very clear “twist”, then by the end of the feature, you’re kind of left wondering how it all started, even with the explanation at the beginning.

Bottom line, it’s a good movie. If it happens to be in IMAX, for the cinematography alone, it’s worth the price. But, ONLY, on a cheap day. You really aren’t missing much that you need to pay for.


  • Overall rating of the movie: 2.1 out of 5,
  • Cinematography: 5 out of 5,
  • Editing: 3 out of 5,
  • Audio: 2.1 out of 5,
  • Acting: 2.5 out of 5,
  • Theatres or wait for the blu-ray? Honestly, just download it when it gets to be a blu ray rip, & used the money you just saved on the soundtrack.

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Listen to the Sounds of Man Of Steel

Amazon has released 30-second samples from Hans Zimmer’s upcoming score for Man of Steel. You can listen to them by clicking here, but be warned there are potential spoilers in the track listing.

man_of_steel_deluxe_editionThe album will be available in two editions: a regular version with 18 tracks and a deluxe editionthat includes six additional tracks.