Smallville Season 11 #33

Smallville - Season 11 033 COVERBack with the “Hunted” story arc where Superman and Impulse are teaming up to help deal with some form of speed demon. The story starts off in Mumbai where another speed storm, takes a child’s life, then a cop’s, in France. Chloe and Oliver, at Watchtower, inform the two heroes of the increasing rates of death due to speed storms in locations recently visited by Impulse. Meanwhile, the two have come to their destination, the home of Jay Garrick. Back at Watchtower, Chloe faints and seems to slip into a trance that sends her into the memories of E2 Chloe. In these memories, she sees Earth 2 Clark hunting the “Meteor Freaks” at their high school graduation and then how close she came to death by the hands of Clark. She comes out of the trance shaken up. Back in the home of Jay Garrick, who asks (one of the biggest questions to never get answered on the show) why he stole his identity. Bart explains that he didn’t intend to, the names were just in his head after getting his powers (I’m sure this is something that will be built upon later). Then the real reason why the two showed up at Jay’s house comes up, and he then explains why he stopped being the “Flash” since the JSA arrests. Impulse asks how he can survive it like Jay has, which isn’t an option for Bart, so Jay tells him… Then you have to die son the “speed demon” can collect. To be continued…

Smallville - Season 11 033 (Digital) (K6 of Ultron-Empire) 01

This was one of those issues/episodes… (Segments?) that was missing in the weekly live action. There is quite a bit of back story given about Impulse and he was easily the shows best Co-starring hero, until Green Arrow made his debut. But Impulse was the only one who didn’t entirely make sense or get a real origin story. Don’t get me wrong, he still doesn’t have much of one, but it was a step in the right direction. The Jay Garrick scene feels much like a Smallville cameo. Meaning, it’s there, but then budget is too low to use this properly, which is unfortunate. I felt they could have done more for Garrick’s back story as well, but its good for what his purpose is. One thing, that I’m sure I’ve mentioned before, is how I love that there’s ton of flash backs in these comics and this arc, so far, is no different. I can only guess Bryan Q. Miller has bigger plans than he’s led us to believe for the cast. I’m actually kind of more curious to see the Chloe side of a story… I guess there’s a first time for everything.

Fave piece of artwork in this issue
Fave piece of artwork in this issue

As much as I’ve been praising Jorge Jimenez, this probably wasn’t his best issue. Towards the end of the book it looked very cheap, but I still have faith in his work. There isn’t much here that I can say that hasn’t already been said by me, so with that said,

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  • Story: 2.6 out of 5.

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