Contemplation Music Video – An Essenex/ Juggernaut Production


The hit song from his debut album “The Grand Movement”. Papa Grand A.K.A. the Gemini award winning actor, Garry James.

Agents of Shield: Show Review

agents-of-shield-official-poster-smallWell it was an interesting start to hopefully a long and fruitful series. “Agents of shield” doesn’t try to pose as anything similar to Avengers, outside of being an origin story, which I thought was a nice way to separate itself from the above mentioned film. Whereas Avengers is about the culmination of heroes for the first time for a global assault, A.O.S. is more a look at the world from a more civilian point of view.

Taking a page from the marvel comic’s way of operating; you don’t have to have really seen anything prior to the show to understand what’s happening. However a possible re-watches of Thor, Avengers, Iron Man 3 and Captain America: The First Avenger might do you well for small hints and trivia (like Lola).

Given that it was a pilot I didn’t grade it hard on the acting but some parts didn’t seem to gel completely. But it was obvious as to why some lines were delivered and written to be a certain way especially once the climatic confrontation came about. At its core Marvel strives to tell compelling heartfelt stories in its formal medium. This was no different. I really enjoyed the type of dynamic they introduced to the show through “Michael Peterson” just hard on his luck and trying to do right. It really was an easy way to have many types of people, not just nerd’s gems and fan boys, connect with the show.

As far as comic book shows go, I’m putting Arrow at the top still followed by Smallville then A.O.S. Only time will tell if that changes.

With Arrow on the way and Big Bang Theory on Thursdays it’s a great mid week for primetime shows and fan boys in general.


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