Lego Movie: Film Review


I was shocked as anyone when I heard about this film…

Director: Phil Lord & Christopher MillerWriter: Dan HagemanKevin HagemanPhil Lord & Christopher Miller,

EVERYTHING IS AWESOME!! I really can’t complain about this movie. Its great for kids, even though I don’t see too many kids playing with lego these days. Adults had a riot, and I was well entertained.

I think this movie really helps increase or reinvent the brand that has been pretty static until the emergence of the “Lego Star Wars” games. Of course I went in not expecting much but came out near tears from all the laughing. The key to this movie’s success is that it doesn’t remotely try to take itself seriously. It is light; it is funny and makes fun of all the things “wrong” with the toys and then some. But it’s not overly complicated or too morally strong. But this doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have a point/moral of the story, all good stories do. It just happens to be more naturally than most comedies seem to allow these days.

The voice direction for the lego characters was great. Further helped by the bigger talent behind the Lego characters like Will Ferrell, Liam Neelson and Morgan Freeman to name a few. Interestingly enough, they were able to get actors like Billy Dee Williams, Harrison Ford to reprise their roles from their famed roles in Star Wars, and even finally, Cobie Smolders got to play Wonder Woman.

The few flaws I do have are that the story didn’t allow for other Lego franchises to be explored. Which makes sense given the movie was from Warner Bro’s and their current biggest investment is featuring Superman, Batman and the warrior princess; Wonder Woman. So that only made sense from an advertisement perspective. The other being that some characters weren’t used more than they could have been.

Bottom line: This movie is totally awesome and no surprise that it’s getting fast-tracked to a sequel. It’s definitely worth the price of admission. Perfect to a nice lil comedy with a loved one, solo, when you’re “high”, or when you’re with small ones.

  • Overall rating of the movie: 8 out of 10,
  • Cinematography: 7.5 out of 10,
  • Editing: 6 out of 10,
  • Audio: 10 out of 10
  • Acting: 8 out of 10,

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