Lady Brown Presents: Sexucation I

Welcome, LEW here. If you follow me on Instagram or my earlier days on twitter, you’d know that I like the female body. I like adult things cause… well I’m an adult dammit. so I showed my friend my blog and told her what I wanted to do going and here’s her point of view. I gave her a random topic and she ran with it. If it does well by all means I will encourage more. So for now enjoy read comment suggest and… well do whatever. but do enjoy it.


Sex. Its always around us. Once you hit puberty its all everyone thinks about; it’s what people work for. To get a husband/wife that will take care of you, provide and protect you and give you some head banging, legs quaking, genitalia throbbing sex.

But sex is always a sensitive subject of discussion because its always on the borderline of being inappropriate or uncomfortable; but sex for me is freedom. Freedom to let your body speak in ways only your partner can understand. Freedom to please and be pleased by your partner. Freedom to just feel your lover in ways words can’t express. Freedom to just feel.


Today’s Sexucation topic is; “Food in Sex”.


Sex generally can be very appetizing in itself but if you want spice up your sex life here’s one way to do it … add food. Now I’m not talking about cheeseburgers and wings but if that’s what turns you on, do you; adding food to the bedroom brings a new ” flavor ” to sex (all puns intended). Now introducing the idea to your partner for the first time might not get the reaction you intend so you just gotta do it lion style and just go in for the kill. Surprise your lover! No one ever disliked a surprise party, but great planning makes for great parties.

To start off you have to decide on the food you and your partner would like in the bedroom. Good examples of sexy foods would be: pineapples, strawberries, cherries, or grapes .. any type of sweet fruit would be fine due to fruits having a natural, sweet taste. For instance, when you take a bite out of a beautifully ripe pineapple AND its sweet, its like euphoria. This is the effect you want to have on your partner. Your goal is to enhance the pleasure between the two of you.

Adding the food item is step one, now its time to personalize and please your lover. Let’s stick with pineapples, because they’re one of the juiciest fruits that I personally think is even sexier than strawberries. What I do is pretend my lover doesn’t like the food I’m trying to introduce during sex. This way my priority is making my partner love it like its the first time he’s tasting. You want your partner to literally be eating out the palm of your hand so you have to know what your lover likes sexually. If your partner likes sucking your nipples, an idea would be putting the pineapples on your nipples and letting them suck it off. If your partner loves french kissing you can put the pineapples on their body, take it off with your mouth and share the fruit via kissing . There’s many different ways you can please you partner with your food item, its all a matter or being creative and never forgetting to stay sexy.

Food is just the foundation, never get comfortable with just eating, sucking, or licking the item. As I said you have to get creative. One thing that goes well with everything is chocolate; melted chocolate is always preferred though

.strawberries covered

Spread chocolate on your lovers body, especially on the places they feel the most sensation, their sweet spots. I guarantee that once your partner enjoys it, they’ll want to reciprocate the feeling. And yes, put that chocolate on his dick and suck it like a popsicle if you want to. Whipped cream also tastes great with fruits, and tastes even better on pussy. Sugar is a tricky yet totally delicious way to get freaky. You can make sugar trails on your lovers body and lick slowly, that never fails. You just have to know what he/she likes and play like you got the home court advantage, ’cause you do.


tumblr_ma4yqsuuT41r4nil1Finally, one rule when it comes to having amazing sex is that you have to be open minded. Like improv, never say no and go with the flow. If certain things make you uncomfortable, by all means don’t do it, but if you want a sex life that’s never boring you always have to be ready to try new things. As a lover, you should always look to please to your partner and not always yourself. Selfish sex makes for bad sex.

So to recap, add food to bedroom. Fruits are always preferred because they have their own sensual sweetness which is a perfect addiction to your activity. And don’t forget to BE CREATIVE ! Personalize the experience for the person your having sex with. Know what they like, what makes them hot and what makes them not. And lastly, be open minded and always look to make your partner happy in the bedroom and they WILL want to return the favor. And for extra help, as tacky as it may sound, watch pornos for tips. No one knows how to please someone better than a highly paid porn star!


Thanks for reading ! Stay sexucated !