Happy Womb Eviction Day, 25 AND GOING.

It’s the first 22 seconds that I have replayed in my head in secret for years since getting the album way back in…… 2004. Literally a decade has flown by since I entered the spaceship (anyone who catches that gets a hi-5 with 5$). So with that said I need to do this:


May anyone who lost a loved one through natural loss or to a violent murderous end before the age of 25, many you Eternally REST IN PEACE.

I have lost and I have gained in 25 years of my life. The world has been in a constant state of change. I mean, Michael Jordan retired, played baseball, came back,.. retired again… CAME BACK and played for the Wizards… aka the Washington Wizards/Bullets. Michael Jackson died… really didn’t ever expect to see that happening. I have lived thru not one but 2 Spider-man franchises totalling 6 movies. I have lived through the greatest era of black urban music (though that is a debatable point), I have lived through the death of Superman, Spider-man, Peter Parker (had to be there), Robin(s) and countless other fictional super hero’s. i even live in a time where a rocket wielding racoon is cool.

I have lived in places one would question and gone to places I only heard about. I, at some point, even met Michael Jordan and many other celebs and personalities (but really, MJ will always be the top). I have done things I “regret” but I appreciate them for I may have lived a life unfulfilled. I finished a movie which is currently in the process of being completed, I’m working on another as well which that starts shooting soon. two and a half decades have gone by and though, it was a bumpy start, i do enjoy where i have placed myself to be with the help of my only father, God (y’all can fight over what to actually call him)

As a kid, I wondered about life, death church and parents. I swore to the heavens anyone who was an adult was the devil or some scary ass alien who just wanted to torture kids with shit they really didn’t need in life. The church was something that my mother had grown up with and made sure was something that was there for me as a guidance measure, if nothing else. I still question religion, more so now, as my curiosity has reached space and the cosmos currently.

If there is one thing that I learned which is the most important thing I know it’s:


There will always be someone you “admire”. That is fine. It helps us to grow as a people; to admire others. BUT do not sit and compare yourself to anyone. Remember, there a guy older/younger, than you who, yes, is a millionaire, but they may not have anyway of knowing how to read, write, or even count. You do, so make that ability work for you.

It sucks that so many people we know have fallen, but what bothers me most is when people have to ask “How many of us____ have to die in order for (simply put) change.” My either quiet or voiced retort is: “If you know/knew just one person dead, That you loved, that’s enough to be as mad as hell and make a change. People will always say, in a defeatist attitude, one person can only do so much. AND IT’S FUCKING TRUE! One person can do IMPOSSIBLE THINGS. Like believe in himself to inspire others. Malcolm X did it, MLK jr. did it, the man known as Spartacus did it, and so many more. With all that is happening around us, religious folk will heed to you its a sign of the times that Jesus is coming, others may suggest it’s citizens finally waking up and saying two letters: NO!

I will join any noble cause that actually has a plan. I plan on doing great things with any form of wealth I am able to gain thru my own hard work. I don’t care to be rich to do flashy shit. I really don’t. I first care about making my community better. But I have to work hard now. Aside from personal goals, this is what wake me. This passion to leave behind a better world. Not to leave behind parties (no shade/not dissing), countless kids, or anything that “normal” folks tend to want. I just want to try to fix what I am able first with me then with where I live, and I believe the nature of a domino effect will happen… naturally.

25 years man. I’m sorry but this is an amazing feeling. My mom tells everyone she can, that when she was doing the pregnancy meetings with her Dr said that either she’d die, I’d die, or we die together. LOW AND BEHOLD BITCH! *Jesse Pinkman voice*. Anywho I have things I need to do before I close my eyes tonight, so a”LEWsystem You’re Welcome ” to all who are wishing me a “Happy Womb Eviction Day!”

THAT’S IT! Cheers: “To Peace”. Your eLEWsive Thought Provided by: the “LEW System”


– Xavier – @CoolyoNgeLEW

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