Music Video: Kill Me Now

late last year I was fortunate enough to film another music video.

Kill Me Now
– local Toronto Artist: Xib

Director and editor: Justin Mckoy
Prouducer: Shanaise Williams
D.o.P.: Xavier Lewis (Yours truly)

You can find the track here: (Track 15) as well as more info with them.

Story: Guy goes to party, sees his gf dong things he wished she didn’t do, finds out she has gone missing, begins to search for her.

Earlier this month (May 2015), I was recipient of Centennial College’s Donny award for “music video of the year”. For me this was a very much needed pick me up. Last year I submitted Trust me and I really thought I would’ve won for best editing. But in hindsight, I really should have won.


Just kidding, I do see why I didn’t. But I felt a little defeated this past year on the lows. This being as good as it is, and winning for this award really gave me a lot of a pick me up that was in dire need. So please, do enjoy and I will have more stuff for you as soon as possible.

Shoutout to the Donny winners of 2015 and those nominated!

Scan 2

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