John Wick: Chapter 2: Film Review

They say that Chuck Norris was trained by John Wick into being Chuck Norris.

The sequel to a surprise hit, did good on being a decent follow-up. The opening sequence is how it ended
And set the stage adequately for what follows.

Writer: Derek Kolstad, Director: Chad Stahelski Runtime: 2h2m, Full cast

“John Wick is the guy you call the kill the boogie man.”

Keanu’s ability to do action movies well into his half-century young, body is one to celebrate. He has developed a character, which personifies what being a badass means. All the while giving you a man who wants to be left alone. But minutes after the first chapter’s respective end we are back on the horse doing everything again. This time around, the writers opted to test John Wicks’ word. Then, we the audience, sit back and bear witness to the man known as Mr. Wick.

This isn’t Terminator 2 good. But its certainly a worthy successor, in the soon to be trilogy franchise. The visuals almost copy the placement of the previous film. I mean did we really need the first major fight to be in another club setting, be it out doors or not? I didn’t think so. Visually speaking. The film is a coloured noir film not unlike the film “Drive.” The colour palette was pleasantly mouth watering with how the pop the colours were, the added depth and colour in a shadowy underworld. By the films end, the camera dept. did every impressive thing to capture the tactics of Mr. Wick. It’s not Matrix creative, but the simplicity in how shots are framed, and the amount of action crammed in to every shot, matched with varying degrees of intensity, is considerably well done. It’s cool to see almost a 2nd/3rd person angle in action films. To often Hollywood likes the use of close shots vs. a wide (or a wide enough) angle.

As far as mirror trickery goes, it stole the top spot from Enter The Dragon for use of mirrors. I just don’t know how they did multiple shots in that place without once seeing one screw up (like where the camera was or even a wire). That and the lead in for the hopeful/eventual third film were my favourite parts of this second instalment.

John Wick 2

Many films will bring in other talented celebrities (singers/models/porn stars… etc.) to fill in roles for any reasons, but it’s not always received well. Who would have thought Common would steal the show, if even for a moment, by almost matching Wick? It’s weird how well casted Common feels in that role. It was cool to see Reeves and Fishburne doing scenes together again. I just wish there was a bit more hidden in the dialogue when they eventually meet; like when Wick says I’m back in the last film. Ruby Rose,  I didn’t buy into much. Something about her felt unbelievable. Probably because wick just plows through everything and her frame didn’t help her much to be intimidating. But she adds to that “house of mirrors” in am elegant way. While watching that fight, both Reeves and Rose came off as two of the same coin. Yes I know I didn’t believer her role, but she felt like a contrast to the brutality that is Wicks style. She appeared to be more swift and elegant due to her natural look. It was cool to watch, hard to buy into.

I hope the cast and crew know the third film will be arguably the most anticipated of the respective year it’s Green lit for and I hope they can do a something with bringing something new to the tactics. As fun as it was to watch Keanu’s stunt work, I did notice mid way through that cave/tunnel sequence how familiar his moves felt. For me, it comes off making the entire lure of the Wick franchise unworthy of my attention. I get that it’s real, practical action. I get in that it was close quarters combat. I even understand using your own momentum to counter your enemy and all, but it’s highly unlikely for this whole scenario to be happening in the first place. Having some theatrics wouldn’t hurt I’m sure.

Bottom line: Not all sequels are great. John Wick: Chapter 2 may not be great. But it would for sure be on a top 10 list. Only thing it was missing was something slightly different.  I wished they’d filmed them back to back as I am way to eager to see the third.

  • Overall rating of the movie: 8.1 out of 10,
  • Cinematography: 10 out of 10,
  • Editing: 8 out of 10,
  • Audio: 8 out of 10,
  • Acting: 8 out of 10,

Theatres or wait for the blu-ray? own, but no judgement if you wanna just watch it on Netflix every so often

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