11217550_10206016873854546_5386055519301620869_nXavier Lewis was born In Toronto, Canada on August 22nd 1989. His Parents are from Trinidad and Tobago. He grew up mostly with his mother, Andrea, who was an avid hairdresser in the Caribbean and later in Toronto, owning her own shop.

Xavier started his profound media journey in 2007 when he attended Stephen Leacock Collegiate Institute, the same high school attended by the actor Mike Myers in Scarborough.

After graduating, he took some time off from school to ensure he was unquestionably certain this was his intended career path. In 2013, He felt it was the best time as any to embark on the three-year process to elevate his media knowledge and skills. Xavier Enrolled at Centennial College’s Broadcasting and Film Program, which has led to some outstanding work. K.M.N (Kill Me Now, 2014) by musical talent XiB, was directed by Justin Mckoy and shot By Xavier. K.M.N. later won Centennial’s Donny Award (2015) for Best Music video. That same year he worked on Heroes Reborn as a props assistant. Xavier has been a Producer, writer, editor, and both a Director and Director of Photography on various projects.

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