2012 in review

This is pretty cool and I think , a perfect way to announce that in sometime later this month TSM WILL BE NO LONGER. I’m working on a new name but for now, it’s staying as such until I can think of something (which shouldn’t be hard I come up with names all the time). In the near future this same site will feature TONS of more things. I’ve been slacking on posts due to the movie I’ve been working on so bare with me, but as I’m tirelessly  at work, feel free to see what you have helped me achieve in the past year.

Here’s an excerpt:

4,329 films were submitted to the 2012 Cannes Film Festival. This blog had 17,000 views in 2012. If each view were a film, this blog would power 4 Film Festivals

Click here to see the complete report.

P.S.A.- Public Stark Announcement

Hello everyone, it’s your favourite Lew here, and I’d just like to welcome you to the next endeavour that #TSM is up to.

  1. I’d like to welcome our music/interview correspondent, Asian reporter Tricia Takanawa. Just kidding, Ms. @CHICVGO and she also sings. Are you that Somebody (Cover) – Chiii
  2. As the above mentions yes, we will be doing interviews… who you may ask… YOU will just have to wait and see.
  3. More reviews will be on the way, and by more I mean MUCH more
  4. #SEIV was released last week, so feel free to get that via the link in this post, or off the right side of this blog page.
  5. Be sure to follow @TeamSTARKMaDD, and “LIKE” the ever growing Team StarkMaDD fan page on Facebook

THAT’S IT! Cheers: “To Peace” and May the Force be with you!

– Xavier – @CoolyoNgeLEW

Fantazia International Band Launch

Ladies & gents, dogs and squirrels..
The Fantazia International Band Launch is almost here..are you ready? Like last year, TSM will be on the road with Fantazia International chippin and gehin on BAD!! If you haven’t figured out who you are playing mas with this year then I would recommend you come play with us(no pun intended lol). Last year we had an INSANE amount of fun, and this year I can only promise you “Plenty Vibes & Plenty Action”.

Our theme this year is “Wonders of the Enchanted Forrest”. Which means all Fairy’s, Ents(talking tree’s), Talking Dragon Flies an all dem “enchanted” ting will be on de road. I can’t stress enough how much fun we had last year. If you were with us on the road then you know what I’m talking about.

Contact me to get your tickets for the band launch

Courtesy of your truly

Like Us on Facebook [the “Team STARKMaDD” Facebook Page]

Good Day All,
So..most of you were members of the “Mr STARKMaDD” Facebook group. Some of you weren’t which isn’t a bad thing, so don’t worry. For those of you who were members of the group I, Mr T STARKMaDD, would like to personally thank you for the support and for joining the group. Unfortunately, we wont be using the Facebook group anymore. So to those who actually checked the group regularly for updates and such, sorry..but we wont be using it any more.

On the BRIGHT side we do have a Facebook page, and all we are asking you to do is like us on Facebook the way you do when you view our site to read out updates, download the mixes and view the videos we post. Simple right? I know…This isn’t something you keep to yourself though. Share the link with someone else and ask them to like us as well. Let us know how we doing, we don’t bite unless instructed otherwise lol.

Seriously though folks, spread the word tell a friend to tell a friend to tell they aunty’s best friends sisters second cousin that TSM is on the rise, and once you like us you’re considered part of the team as well. Cuz we don’t do that whole induction service kinda ting…we leave that cult business elsewhere. We promote unity and togetherness, so click the link…like us and spread the word


To everyone that has continually supported us over the past year by checking the site and downloading the mixes,
thank you.

Courtesy of yours truly

RTR4:Conscious Awakening

Greetings ladies and gents,
I’m back again to give y’all a little update about RTR4[Remember Those Riddimz IV].
So, the past few Reggae mixes I did were either lovers rock, oldies dancehall, and a mix of conscious and lovers. This mix is a little bit like RTR3…except it’s gonna be 100% conscious. Considering it’s an RTR mix, you know its gonna be nothing new I’m giving y’all strictly OLDIES CONSCIOUS!!!!. If you’re of Caribbean decent, this will be one of those mixes that you’d play it for your father or grandfather and they’d be like “LAAAWWWWD, ‘ERE CHUNE” lol.

Anyways, I had my designer prepare a teaser cover..and well……here it is