STAR WARS EPISODE 1: The Phantom menace: 3D Movie Review

At last we will reveal ourselves to the Jedi

At last we will reveal ourselves to the Jedi

Well folks if you didn’t book the little easter egg to this here film review in the first review (seen here:, then.. Well you missed it!

The time was 1977 males, nerds, geeks, & the women who love them, around the world were all talking about “Star Wars”. It was a surprise hit that no one could have expected. Fox didn’t even have any faith in it, they basically let director, George Lucas keep all the various rights to Star Wars. Fast forward to 1999 and you have a new generation about to travel to a time long ago. To a galaxy far, far away.

This is the prequel to the original Star Wars saga that started with the story of Luke Skywalker, his sister Leia, and her soon to be husband, the cool as ever Han Solo. This saga is about Lukes Father, Anakin Skywalker, fated to be the greatest fictional Villain of all time, & pop culture, DARTH VADER!

This review is going to be more about technical quality since the movie has been out for years, and re done to fix minor bugs, minus the least favourite character, Jar Jar binks. Yes, he is in 3D too. So with this re-release, we’re treated to the best kind of 3D. Many never seem to know the difference. There are two kinds of 3D, “depth”, and “off the screen” 3D. For “Depth” 3D, think of the new TTC trains for you Toronto readers, or a hall way, or even a pop up book. The book is on your lap, but the “pop up” portion is coming at you, while the book is still where it has always been. The off the screen stuff.. Think of the 3D rides you’ve ever been on or what you think is to happen.. Got it? Good.

So with this movie as I was saying earlier is the best kind of 3D, depth. It by default makes the motion picture a better experience. (In case you were wondering which “release” this film was its the blu-ray version, as will be the other 5 movies.) Now 80 % of this movie works well with depth 3D being that its set in a fictional world. And mostly everything you see is CGI’d (Computer Generated Imagery) into the movie.

Some scenes to note that were best in 3D: the pod Race PoV (Point of View, think first person shooter games) shots, the intro, the senate scene, any PoV shot really, Anakin in space, and the Darth maul fight in its entirety.

Ps. Anyone who hates jar jar binks doesn’t understand that the purpose for him was to get children into it. Even the choice to start Anakin as a child. Though, I don’t know why you’d start him anywhere but at the earliest point possible.

My only two dislikes is the editing with the Darth Maul fight, I had always wished there was more of the fight, or less cuts to the other stories being told simultaneously. The other, being that with 3D tech, you have a chance to really do something special, that Pod race scene, even some of the space battles could have been redone with some extra PoV shots.

Overall rating of the movie: 3.5 out of 5, Cinematography: 3 outta 5, Editing: 4 out of 5, Audio: 5 out of 5, 3D: 3.5 out of 5

THAT IT! Cheers “To Peace” and May the Force be with you!


Safe House Review

WELCOME ONE AND ALL TO THE LAND OF XAVIERS MOVIE REVIEWS *David Rudder voice*. (Lol) I actually started this review fresh out the movie theater.

In this installment I bring you “Safe House” starring Denzel Washington & Ryan Reynolds.Denzel has been m.i.a. from movies, I believe, since the movie Unstoppable. In this movie, he gives us one of his best performances since maybe “Training Day.” Denzel really got into the character, “Tobin Frost”. Denzel didn’t have many lines, but.. HE DIDN’T NEED THEM. He ended up using his face for majority of the film & I’m glad he did as it lets the audience really grasp what his character is feeling, thinking and making him appear to be a bit of an asshole. I, personally don’t know much about Mr. Reynolds but his portrayal of the character, Matthew Weston was a lot better than what he gave us in Green Lantern. (Which, again, I believe is his last known movie). He had a set of dialogue & delivered 90% of it very well. I believe he tried to out do himself more due to the presence of Mr. Washington.

*POSSIBLE SPOILER WARNING* The title “Safe House” is used as metaphor, and I argue, the driving force of the movie.

The movie plot summary is as follows: “Matt Weston has been frustrated by his inactive, backwater post in Cape Town, South Africa. A “housekeeper” who aspires to be a full-fledged agent and has been waiting for an opportunity to prove himself. When the first & only occupant he’s had in a year, proves to be the most dangerous man he’s ever met, Weston readies for duty. Tobin Frost has eluded capture for almost a decade. One of the best ops men that the CIA has known, the ex-intelligence officer has given up assets and sold military intel to anyone with cash. As soon as Frost is brought in for de briefing, attackers unknown to Weston, the CIA agents guarding Frost, and Frost himself, are sent to kill anyone in the way and retrieve Frost. Barely escaping, the two form an unlikely partnership & must discover who is attacking them & why.”

As I mentioned the title is not just the ACTUAL safe house he is in and has to guard (Reynolds), but his mind is a safe house, as is his home country. (America in the movie since he’s actually Canadian folks) What happens is Foster, broke down the walls Weston deemed safe, both mentally & physically. The entire movie is like a Padawan learning from his Jedi teacher. There are clues in the movie so subtle that play major factors in the film towards the end.

The plot seems to have been executed very well.. The editing now, along with the cinematography, is where any real complaint can be made. Shakey cam.. Is, yes, a skill, but so is normal camera work. This movie suffers from the camera work. For example, the main and first physical fight scene becomes a joke because of how it’s shot & edited. If you have motion sickness, you may want to skip this movie. The overall editing is good, but because of the shaking camera, it loses any kind of greatness it could have had. Though I must add at times I did not notice it, but when I did, it was very bothersome. There were not as many “Hidden messages in the shots” as I had hoped for, but that’s just a film student/lover critique.

Overall rating of the movie: 4 out of 5, cinematography: 2 out of 5, editing: 3 out of 5, Audio: 3.5 out of 5.


– Xavier


Optimus Prime may need to gear up once and for all, for real this time.

Optimus Prime may need to gear up once and for all, for real this time.

Could it be? after being in the top 4 box office smash hits with Trasnformers 3 (Dark of the Moon), Mr. Bay has confirmed there will be a TF4 and he’s directing it that works out to be a two picture deal. As of right now sources say its gonna be a Reboot much like the other hasbro toy, turned movie franchise: ” G.I. Joe: Retaliation” where some old characters, are brought in with new ones, all while continuing the existing key plot points. For more info on this, see the link

(Note link will take you away from blog site to “coming soon.Net”)



Remember Those Riddimz Vol.3: Lovers Rock Edition

Remember Those Riddimz Vol.3: Lovers Rock Edition

Good Day folks,
The time to Remember Those Lovers Rock tunes is FINALLY here. So, grab yuh lovah, hold a corner & “Rock Away” to some good lovers rock reggae. Givin you a full hour of STRICTLY Lovers Rock for you to groove to in your speakers/headphones/car…basically anything you does play music in.
Download the mix now so you can “Remember Those Riddimz”

*download link is on the side under downloads OR just click the album cover*

RTR3: Lovers Rock Edition [track list]

1. Love Sponge – Buju Banton
2. Love My Brownin – Buju Banton
3. Can’t Stop A Man – Beres Hammond
4. If Love So Nice – Junior Kelly
5. Someone Loves You – J C Lodge
6. Send Me The Pillow – Cynthia Schloss
7. Show & Tell – Freddie McKay
8. See You In Your Arms – Kashief Lindo
9. Sometimes – Sanchez
10. Love Me Truly – Cocoa Tea
11. Born A Winner – Freddy McGregor
12. Push Comes To Shove – Freddy McGregor
13. Just Don’t Wanna Be Lonely – Freddy McGregor
14. I See It In You – Freddy McGregor
15. No More Lonely Nights – Fiona
16. Pretty Girl – Sanchez
17. Sweetness – Beres Hammond
18. I’m In Love – Fiona
19. Inside My Heart – Tinga Stewart
20. Love You Too Much – Wayne Wade
21. The First Cut Is The Deepest – Kashief Lindo
22. Stuck On You – Frankie Paul
23. For You – Sanchez
24. Missing You – Sanchez
25. One In A Million – Sanchez
26. Live On – Beres Hammond & Marcia Griffiths
27. Tempted To Touch – Beres Hammond
28. Trying To Get To You – Richie Stephens
29. Eternity – Nana McLean
30. Fresh Vegetable – Tony Rebel
31. Can’t Wait – Sanchez
32. Over Me – Sanchez
33. Need Your Love – Leroy Sibbles
34. I’m In Love – Nadine Sutherland
35. Body Language – John Holt & Gregory Isaacs
36. Im Not A King – Cocoa King
37. Give Me Your Loving – Marcia Griffiths & Cutty Ranks
38. Heaven In Your Eyes –Gappy Ranks
39. Girl Friend – George Nooks
40. Hugging Me Loving Me – Lukie D
41. Bring Back The Love – Richie Stephens
42. Moan & Groan – Frankie Paul
43. Just Friends – Swade & Tony Rebel
44. I Am Just A Man – Red Rat
45. Connection – Voicemail
46. All I Need – Christopher Martin
47. Won’t Give Up On You – Iceman
48. Can’t Buy Love – D Major
49. She’s Mine – Barrington Levy
50. Too Experienced – Barrington Levy
51. I Don’t Know Why – Wayne Wonder & Buju Banton
52. Doctor’s Order – Beres Hammond
53. Rock Away – Beres Hammond

Soca Explosion Vol.3: De Soca Siege

Its time, the 3rd Explosion is finally here…so with no more long talk…download the mix and let the soca do its thing.

Brought to you by
Mr STARKMaDD and the entire
Team STARKMaDD fam

1. Good Time – Kerwin Du Bois & Blaxx
2. Give It To Me – Chai
3. Just The Way You Are (Soca Remix) – Bruno Mars
4. Cool It Down (I.M Roadmix) – Destra
5. Come By Me – Tony Bailey
6. Packing – Peter Ram
7. Cyaan Be Over – Biggie Irie
8. Hold On – Alison Hinds
9. Dig Down – Zoelah
10. Push Back – Tian Winter
11. Crash – Tian Winter
12. Gyal Wuk – Machel Montano
13. De Man Dem Dahlin – Patrice Roberts
14. Wine Girl – Skinny Fabulous
15. Handle Bumper – Omari Ferrari
16. De Ting – Red Plastic Bag
17. Gimme Gyal – Skinny Fabulous
18. In The Middle – Daria & Problem Child
18. Outta Order – Mr Paige
19. Sak Passe – Fire Empress
20. To The Floor – Fire Empress
21. Inna Yuh Pantry – Problem Child
22. Zoom Zoom Power – Problem Child
23. Town Ting – Cassie
24. Tongue Ring – Cassie
25. Leggings – Peter Ram
26. Timing – Inches
27. Report To The Floor – B Roca
28. Bend Ova – Big Red
29. 6:30 (What Time Is It) – Skinny Fabulous
30. Work – Lil’ RIck
31. Wotless (Roadmix) – Kes The Band
32. Back Again – Edwin Yearwood
33. Good Time – Edwin Yearwood
34. Trini (Roadmix) – Benjai
35. Down Deh – Shanta Prince & Lil’ Rick
36. Ready – Nadia Batson
37. This Time – Bunji Garlin
38. Carnival Jumbie – Blaxx
39. Work For Yo Money – Bomani
40. Bend Over (Roadmix) – Machel Montano
41. Lock D Dance – Konshens
42. Ah Ting – Kes The Band & Kerwin Du Bois
43. Ding Ding – Mista Vybe
44. Waist – Skinny Fabulous
45. Eh Yo – Lil’ RIck
46. Big Blood – Bunji Garlin
47. Touch De Road – Busy Signal
48. Tanti Woi (roadmix) – Blaxx
49. Dance & Dingolay (roadmix) – Denise Belfon
50. Wine To The Side – Benjai
51. Spin Class – Machel Montano
52. Dirty Bits (soca remix) – Black Eye Peas
53. Where Yuh From – Kes The band
54. So High (A.O.A) – Machel Montano
55. Shutdown – Farmer Nappy & Kerwin Du Bois
56. Rebel Song – Skinny Fabulous
57. The Caveman Experience – Skinny Fabulous
58. Normal – Blaxx
59. Trouble – Blaxx
60. Colors – Fire Empress
61. Block De Road – Nadia Batson
62. Parade – Nadia Batson
63. Fete Hard – Kes The Band
64. In De Fete – Omari Ferrari
65. Crazy People – Lil’ Rick
66. Spread Out – Leighanna ft Blaxx
67. Waistline – Problem Child
68. Explode – Alison Hinds
69. Soca Animals (rmx) – Tizzy
70. Consider It Done – Faye-Ann Lyons-Alvarez
71. Get Outta My Way – Busy Signal
72. What’s Causing That – Ricky T
73. Drunk – King Bubba & Skinny Fabulous
74. Ah Think Ah Drunk – Problem Child & Tallpree
75. Snapshot – Shaney Hypes
76. Bend Right Over – Buhwamoder
77. Illegal – Machel Montano
78. Advantage (roadmix) – Machel Montano
79. King Road – Maddnart
80. King Road (rmx) – Maddzart ft Shurwayne Winchester
81. Come To Meh – Iwer George

Remember Those Riddimz Vol.2: Dancehall Edition


Simply click the lick that says “Remember Those Riddimz Vol.2: Dancehall Edition” on the side under downloads and let the magic happen.

RTRVol.2: Dancehall Edition [Track list]

2.Funny Guy – Professor Nuts [ARAB ATTACK RIDDIM]
3.Only Man – Buju Banton
4.Certain Gal – Beenie Man
5.Wicked Ride – Beenie Man
6.Please Me – Nadine Sutherland & Spragga Benz
7.Honey’s Fine – Wayne Wonder
8.Loving In Excess – Wayne Wonder & Don Yute [PEPPER SEED RIDDIM]
9.Big Tings A Gwan – Daddy Screw
10.Tings A Gwan – Spragga Benz
11.Wifey – Dugsy Ranks
12.No Gal – Louie Culture
13.Wifey – Josey Stepper [MAMA RIDDIM]
14.Cocoa Cola Bottle – Simpleton
15.When I See You Smile – Singing Sweet
16.Mama – Baby Wayne
17.Shot No Talk – Mad Cobra
18.Ting A Ling – Shabba Ranks
19.Caan Dun – Shabba Ranks [PUNANNY RIDDIM]
20.Dedicated – Spragga Benz & Wayne Wonder
21.Sonie Come Back – Cocoa Tea
22.Missing You So Much – Wayne Wonder [DICKIE RIDDIM]
23.No More Pain – Beres Hammond
24.Wicked Dickie – Nadine Sutherland & Buju Bandton
25.Dickie – Buju Banton
26.Whosoever Will May Come – Terry Ganzie
27.No Retreat – Terror Fabulous
28.Action – Terror Fabulous & Nadine Sutherland [ACTION RIDDIM]
29.Mr Do It Nice – General Degree
30.No Second Class Love – Buju Banton & Carol Gonzales
31.Love How The Gal Flex – Buju Banton
32.Model Pon Yuh Man – Daddy Screw
33.Live & Learn – Wayne Wonder & Louie Culture
34.Sweet & Sour – Wayne Wonder [MEDICINE RIDDIM]
35.Little & Cute – Frisco Kid
36.Goodas Girl – Baby Cham
37.Teenie Weenie – Beenie Man
38.Machine Gun Kelly – Spragga Benz
39.Big & Bold – Louie Culture
40.Gangalee – Louie Culture [CORDUROY RIDDIM]
41.Foul Affair – Silver Cat
42.World Dance – Beenie Man
43.Woman Nuh Worry – [HEARTBEAT RIDDIM]
44.Yeah Yeah – Don Yute
45.Heartbreaker – Daddy Screw & Maxi Priest
46.Nuh Borrow Man – Terror Fabulous
47.Malfunction – Louie Culture
48.Bam Bam – Pliers [BAM BAM RIDDIM]
49.Dem A Bleach – Nardo Ranks
50.A Who Say Mi Done – Cutty Ranks
51.Punny Printer – Panhead
52.Murder She Wrote – Chaka Demus & Pliers
53.Sentinel – Delly Ranks [SKETTEL RIDDIM]
54.No She Wrong – Spragga Benz
55.When I Hold You Tonight – General Degree
56.Call The Hearse – Bushman
57.Call Di Hearse – Terror Fabulous [XX RATED RIDDIM]
58.I Wish You Were Here – Ghost
59.Man From When – Harry Todler [FROG RIDDIM]
60.Gal Yuh Hold Yuh Man – Fondon Irie
61.Gi Wi Di Nanny – Don Yute & Spragga Benz
62.Dorothy – Terror Fabulous [BATTY RIDER RIDDIM]
63.Batty Rider – Buju Banton
64.Bogle Dance – Buju Banton [BOGLE RIDDIM]
65.Big It Up – Buju Banton [BIG IT UP RIDDIM]
66.Have Fi Get Yuh – Buju Banton
67.Big Man – Terror Fabulous