Bunji Garlin’s Differentology Music Video

The video for one of, if not, the biggest song of the year for Soca music is here. Personally, I suggest watching the video, then reading what Bunji said below the video and watch it again. I did and it makes a bit more sense.

“This is just a music video- it’s not a movie, but it’s not the typical music video where there’s just a lot of dancing. There’s a storyline. This video depicts man coming to life from nothingness to the formation of past, present and what will come in the future. It’s not a hard story from beginning to end- there’s still some freeness to it. I hope you enjoy.” – Bunji Garlin

Bunji, Fay Ann Drop From Soca Monarch Two Days From Semi’s

Bunji, Fay Ann Pull Out

Soca Monarch shocker

Bunji Garlin and Fay Ann Lyons-Alvarez have both bowed out of the International Groovy and Power Soca Monarch competitions, respectively.



As it with any contract that we are positioned to get into be it endorsement, real estate or the likes we sat with management and legal team for proper advice about the Soca Monarch contract simply because it is our right and responsibility as human beings and artistes to do so. To enter into Soca monarch one has to agree and therefore sign the contract and we are not in agreement with some of the contracts clauses and we are in no way asking nor demanding that they make changes to suit us because it would not be fair to the other artistes therefore we choose to respectfully withdraw from the competition. This is not expected to be a noisy situation or a back and forth public battle, the Foundation reserves it’s right to do what it thinks is needed to protect it’s entity just as we reserve the right to agree , disagree and protect ourselves where and when is required.

The couple announced this last night, saying they decided to withdraw because they believe that fundamental clauses in the competitors’ contracts were objectionable and demanded too much of the winners.


They were therefore advised by their management and legal representatives that it was best they pull out of the competition before the semi-final round on Sunday at the Arima Velodrome. Bunji had pulled position number 15 and Lyons-Alvarez number 20.

Among the elements in the contract with which Bunji and Lyons-Alvarez took exception to was the rule that winners must give back to the Caribbean Prestige Foundation (CPF) five per cent of the winnings.

Also, the winners must defend the respective titles the following year, or they will have to pay back 90 per cent of the prize money.

Another clause the artistes are objecting to in the contract is that the winners must attend the prize distribution ceremony wherever it may be, here at home or abroad.

Chairman of CPF William Munro, said last night he was saddened and very hurt over Lyons-Alvarez and Bunji pulling out only two days before the semi-finals, and he was hoping they would reconsider.

“There was never any discussion. They could have even sent a letter, and I would have sat down with them to see how we could work things out. Last year, I had two meetings with many of the artistes at my home, and we presented the rules and they were agreed on.”

“Fay Ann topped the Power in the preliminaries and Bunji topped in the Groovy. I am wondering how the public is going to take this news because everybody was so happy when they returned.

“I hope they will reconsider or at least meet with me. I have no malice and still love them. I will bend over backwards for them, but I can’t change the rules to please only two people,” Munro said.

Lyons-Alvarez and Bunji did not compete in the Soca Monarch competition last year and at that time announced they were considering not returning because they wanted to focus on taking their music directly to an international audience.

When Bunji ended up with a major hit with the release of the song “Differentology” in November last year, people began to call for his return to the competition. This was the same with Lyons-Alvarez when she released, among other songs, “D Stage Open”.

After several weeks of saying they will consider returning to the Soca Monarch if that was what the people wanted, the couple’s management registered them to compete, with Bunji in the Groovy and Lyons-Alvarez in the Power Soca Monarch.

Adding to the excitement of their return was the fact that Lyons’ father, five-time Soca Monarch champion SuperBlue, had also made a comeback after an over-decade-long hiatus.

All soca music fans and the public at large were anticipating a grand showdown at the Hasely Crawford National Stadium on Carnival Friday between Lyons-Alvarez, SuperBlue, Iwer George and defending Power Soca champion Machel Montano, as well as the clash between Bunji and Montano in the Groovy category.

Source: Trinidad Express

Soca Explosion Vol.3: De Soca Siege

Its time, the 3rd Explosion is finally here…so with no more long talk…download the mix and let the soca do its thing.


Brought to you by
Mr STARKMaDD and the entire
Team STARKMaDD fam

1. Good Time – Kerwin Du Bois & Blaxx
2. Give It To Me – Chai
3. Just The Way You Are (Soca Remix) – Bruno Mars
4. Cool It Down (I.M Roadmix) – Destra
5. Come By Me – Tony Bailey
6. Packing – Peter Ram
7. Cyaan Be Over – Biggie Irie
8. Hold On – Alison Hinds
9. Dig Down – Zoelah
10. Push Back – Tian Winter
11. Crash – Tian Winter
12. Gyal Wuk – Machel Montano
13. De Man Dem Dahlin – Patrice Roberts
14. Wine Girl – Skinny Fabulous
15. Handle Bumper – Omari Ferrari
16. De Ting – Red Plastic Bag
17. Gimme Gyal – Skinny Fabulous
18. In The Middle – Daria & Problem Child
18. Outta Order – Mr Paige
19. Sak Passe – Fire Empress
20. To The Floor – Fire Empress
21. Inna Yuh Pantry – Problem Child
22. Zoom Zoom Power – Problem Child
23. Town Ting – Cassie
24. Tongue Ring – Cassie
25. Leggings – Peter Ram
26. Timing – Inches
27. Report To The Floor – B Roca
28. Bend Ova – Big Red
29. 6:30 (What Time Is It) – Skinny Fabulous
30. Work – Lil’ RIck
31. Wotless (Roadmix) – Kes The Band
32. Back Again – Edwin Yearwood
33. Good Time – Edwin Yearwood
34. Trini (Roadmix) – Benjai
35. Down Deh – Shanta Prince & Lil’ Rick
36. Ready – Nadia Batson
37. This Time – Bunji Garlin
38. Carnival Jumbie – Blaxx
39. Work For Yo Money – Bomani
40. Bend Over (Roadmix) – Machel Montano
41. Lock D Dance – Konshens
42. Ah Ting – Kes The Band & Kerwin Du Bois
43. Ding Ding – Mista Vybe
44. Waist – Skinny Fabulous
45. Eh Yo – Lil’ RIck
46. Big Blood – Bunji Garlin
47. Touch De Road – Busy Signal
48. Tanti Woi (roadmix) – Blaxx
49. Dance & Dingolay (roadmix) – Denise Belfon
50. Wine To The Side – Benjai
51. Spin Class – Machel Montano
52. Dirty Bits (soca remix) – Black Eye Peas
53. Where Yuh From – Kes The band
54. So High (A.O.A) – Machel Montano
55. Shutdown – Farmer Nappy & Kerwin Du Bois
56. Rebel Song – Skinny Fabulous
57. The Caveman Experience – Skinny Fabulous
58. Normal – Blaxx
59. Trouble – Blaxx
60. Colors – Fire Empress
61. Block De Road – Nadia Batson
62. Parade – Nadia Batson
63. Fete Hard – Kes The Band
64. In De Fete – Omari Ferrari
65. Crazy People – Lil’ Rick
66. Spread Out – Leighanna ft Blaxx
67. Waistline – Problem Child
68. Explode – Alison Hinds
69. Soca Animals (rmx) – Tizzy
70. Consider It Done – Faye-Ann Lyons-Alvarez
71. Get Outta My Way – Busy Signal
72. What’s Causing That – Ricky T
73. Drunk – King Bubba & Skinny Fabulous
74. Ah Think Ah Drunk – Problem Child & Tallpree
75. Snapshot – Shaney Hypes
76. Bend Right Over – Buhwamoder
77. Illegal – Machel Montano
78. Advantage (roadmix) – Machel Montano
79. King Road – Maddnart
80. King Road (rmx) – Maddzart ft Shurwayne Winchester
81. Come To Meh – Iwer George