Video of the Day: Daft Punk “Get Lucky”

It has been awhile since Daft Punk has released a “studio album”. Their last venture was in TRON LEGACY. Now with the help of Pharell Williams and Nile Rodgers providing the vocals and guitar riff respectively, the “robotic duo” bring dance back to the disco roots it started from. This song can be found on their upcoming album: “Random Access Memories”

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– Xavier – @CoolyoNgeLEW


Remember Those Riddimz Vol.3: Lovers Rock Edition

Remember Those Riddimz Vol.3: Lovers Rock Edition

Good Day folks,
The time to Remember Those Lovers Rock tunes is FINALLY here. So, grab yuh lovah, hold a corner & “Rock Away” to some good lovers rock reggae. Givin you a full hour of STRICTLY Lovers Rock for you to groove to in your speakers/headphones/car…basically anything you does play music in.
Download the mix now so you can “Remember Those Riddimz”

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RTR3: Lovers Rock Edition [track list]

1. Love Sponge – Buju Banton
2. Love My Brownin – Buju Banton
3. Can’t Stop A Man – Beres Hammond
4. If Love So Nice – Junior Kelly
5. Someone Loves You – J C Lodge
6. Send Me The Pillow – Cynthia Schloss
7. Show & Tell – Freddie McKay
8. See You In Your Arms – Kashief Lindo
9. Sometimes – Sanchez
10. Love Me Truly – Cocoa Tea
11. Born A Winner – Freddy McGregor
12. Push Comes To Shove – Freddy McGregor
13. Just Don’t Wanna Be Lonely – Freddy McGregor
14. I See It In You – Freddy McGregor
15. No More Lonely Nights – Fiona
16. Pretty Girl – Sanchez
17. Sweetness – Beres Hammond
18. I’m In Love – Fiona
19. Inside My Heart – Tinga Stewart
20. Love You Too Much – Wayne Wade
21. The First Cut Is The Deepest – Kashief Lindo
22. Stuck On You – Frankie Paul
23. For You – Sanchez
24. Missing You – Sanchez
25. One In A Million – Sanchez
26. Live On – Beres Hammond & Marcia Griffiths
27. Tempted To Touch – Beres Hammond
28. Trying To Get To You – Richie Stephens
29. Eternity – Nana McLean
30. Fresh Vegetable – Tony Rebel
31. Can’t Wait – Sanchez
32. Over Me – Sanchez
33. Need Your Love – Leroy Sibbles
34. I’m In Love – Nadine Sutherland
35. Body Language – John Holt & Gregory Isaacs
36. Im Not A King – Cocoa King
37. Give Me Your Loving – Marcia Griffiths & Cutty Ranks
38. Heaven In Your Eyes –Gappy Ranks
39. Girl Friend – George Nooks
40. Hugging Me Loving Me – Lukie D
41. Bring Back The Love – Richie Stephens
42. Moan & Groan – Frankie Paul
43. Just Friends – Swade & Tony Rebel
44. I Am Just A Man – Red Rat
45. Connection – Voicemail
46. All I Need – Christopher Martin
47. Won’t Give Up On You – Iceman
48. Can’t Buy Love – D Major
49. She’s Mine – Barrington Levy
50. Too Experienced – Barrington Levy
51. I Don’t Know Why – Wayne Wonder & Buju Banton
52. Doctor’s Order – Beres Hammond
53. Rock Away – Beres Hammond

Remember Those Riddimz Vol.2: Dancehall Edition


Simply click the lick that says “Remember Those Riddimz Vol.2: Dancehall Edition” on the side under downloads and let the magic happen.

RTRVol.2: Dancehall Edition [Track list]

2.Funny Guy – Professor Nuts [ARAB ATTACK RIDDIM]
3.Only Man – Buju Banton
4.Certain Gal – Beenie Man
5.Wicked Ride – Beenie Man
6.Please Me – Nadine Sutherland & Spragga Benz
7.Honey’s Fine – Wayne Wonder
8.Loving In Excess – Wayne Wonder & Don Yute [PEPPER SEED RIDDIM]
9.Big Tings A Gwan – Daddy Screw
10.Tings A Gwan – Spragga Benz
11.Wifey – Dugsy Ranks
12.No Gal – Louie Culture
13.Wifey – Josey Stepper [MAMA RIDDIM]
14.Cocoa Cola Bottle – Simpleton
15.When I See You Smile – Singing Sweet
16.Mama – Baby Wayne
17.Shot No Talk – Mad Cobra
18.Ting A Ling – Shabba Ranks
19.Caan Dun – Shabba Ranks [PUNANNY RIDDIM]
20.Dedicated – Spragga Benz & Wayne Wonder
21.Sonie Come Back – Cocoa Tea
22.Missing You So Much – Wayne Wonder [DICKIE RIDDIM]
23.No More Pain – Beres Hammond
24.Wicked Dickie – Nadine Sutherland & Buju Bandton
25.Dickie – Buju Banton
26.Whosoever Will May Come – Terry Ganzie
27.No Retreat – Terror Fabulous
28.Action – Terror Fabulous & Nadine Sutherland [ACTION RIDDIM]
29.Mr Do It Nice – General Degree
30.No Second Class Love – Buju Banton & Carol Gonzales
31.Love How The Gal Flex – Buju Banton
32.Model Pon Yuh Man – Daddy Screw
33.Live & Learn – Wayne Wonder & Louie Culture
34.Sweet & Sour – Wayne Wonder [MEDICINE RIDDIM]
35.Little & Cute – Frisco Kid
36.Goodas Girl – Baby Cham
37.Teenie Weenie – Beenie Man
38.Machine Gun Kelly – Spragga Benz
39.Big & Bold – Louie Culture
40.Gangalee – Louie Culture [CORDUROY RIDDIM]
41.Foul Affair – Silver Cat
42.World Dance – Beenie Man
43.Woman Nuh Worry – [HEARTBEAT RIDDIM]
44.Yeah Yeah – Don Yute
45.Heartbreaker – Daddy Screw & Maxi Priest
46.Nuh Borrow Man – Terror Fabulous
47.Malfunction – Louie Culture
48.Bam Bam – Pliers [BAM BAM RIDDIM]
49.Dem A Bleach – Nardo Ranks
50.A Who Say Mi Done – Cutty Ranks
51.Punny Printer – Panhead
52.Murder She Wrote – Chaka Demus & Pliers
53.Sentinel – Delly Ranks [SKETTEL RIDDIM]
54.No She Wrong – Spragga Benz
55.When I Hold You Tonight – General Degree
56.Call The Hearse – Bushman
57.Call Di Hearse – Terror Fabulous [XX RATED RIDDIM]
58.I Wish You Were Here – Ghost
59.Man From When – Harry Todler [FROG RIDDIM]
60.Gal Yuh Hold Yuh Man – Fondon Irie
61.Gi Wi Di Nanny – Don Yute & Spragga Benz
62.Dorothy – Terror Fabulous [BATTY RIDER RIDDIM]
63.Batty Rider – Buju Banton
64.Bogle Dance – Buju Banton [BOGLE RIDDIM]
65.Big It Up – Buju Banton [BIG IT UP RIDDIM]
66.Have Fi Get Yuh – Buju Banton
67.Big Man – Terror Fabulous