Life Ah Di Party Recap Video.

Life-Problem Child, live in Toronto at SVG Lounge, Life Ah Di Party. Performing songs like Riot, Wine Up Stink and more. See all that went down on June 22nd, this is a #Lewsysem ExcLEWsive.

There’s Also a video interview coming very soon, so keep on the look out for that.

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A Boy Child Wakes

So I got into school… You’re welcome. One of the requirements was to write a short story from any angle, about a child alone. Oddly enough I’ve been in those situations many of times so the story, honestly, wrote itself. I really enjoyed it, it has a bit of truth to it, but I wont say where. I wrote it quickly, didn’t have much time to proofread it so let me be, ok? Let me know what you think.

A boy child wakes up, distorted and confused. He looks up and wonders why he’s all-alone, on a bus, full of people. He doesn’t begin to call for help. He simply wonders how long he’s been out for. He begins to remember why he’s on a bus, he was to go to a baseball game with his dad who, finally made time to see the boy. The boy begins to wonder why can’t he find his father. Looking around for a face, any face that seems friendly enough to approach. His mother always told him to never speak to strangers, but this seems like a worthy exception.

“Excuse me miss, do you happen to know the time?” said the boy.

“Why certainly, young man.” Said the middle-aged woman, “Why it’s a quarter past 2pm.”

“Thank you.” Says the boy.

He remembers how much he would be in trouble if his mother found out he didn’t speak with manners. With getting the time, he begins to sing: “Take me out to the ball game…” only to calm himself. He’s beginning to wonder where his father is. His mother explained to him, that his father was a deadbeat, who didn’t want to spend any time with him. For his father, wanted to chase other women instead of being a real man. That’s when it hits this boy, Crixus the II (2nd), which right before he had passed out, his father, Gannicus, was being very friendly with a woman. Touching her leg and making jokes that he didn’t understand. He begins to inquire about his current location.


Crixus says to himself “That was easy,” but he knows it’s not easy from here on out. He has no clue where he is. He only knows where his mother takes him on her way to work to drop him off at school. He begins to look toward the sky, his mother always said keep track of the highest buildings so you know which direction you’re heading, or in.


Fear begins to take over the young boy. He doesn’t know whether to leave the bus, ask the driver for help or ask the middle-aged woman where he should go. Being raised by a Trinidadian mother, has caused him to be a bit shy when speaking to adults, he doesn’t want to cause a scene.



He finds the “Live Free Tower” in all its glory. He loves looking at it. It begins to calm the boy’s heartbeat slightly. He takes courage from it, for not long ago his school took a field trip there and for whatever reason, when the tour guide told his class of the main value of this tower is: “There is no Greater victory, than to fall from this world a free man,” those words ignited a new desire to be something more.

By seeing that tower and knowing what he wanted, he pushed aside his shyness, to ask the driver what he needed to do to be with his mother again. The driver instructs the boy to stay on the bus for he’s not far heading back to the station.  The boy shows gratitude and finds a seat close to the driver and begins to wonder about his father again.  Crixus does this all the way back to the station.


Turning to the boy now, who is near tears about his father yet again abandoning him.

“Do you know your home number?”

“Yes, it is 412-555-7777”. Said the boy nervously

They begin to walk to the subway offices, where they reach Crixus’ mother, Naevia over the phone. She explains that’s she’s on her way, which then the bus driver ensures the boy his mother is coming with a treat for being so brave.  He begins to smile; the one person who is always there for him is there yet again. Naevia had told the boy, that its ill advised to bother with Gannicus, but Crixus believes that everyone should have a chance to prove themselves. Gannicus had told him that he wanted to make good, when they waited for the bus.  Crixus believed him, but he realized that all he had ever wanted was just what he’s seen so many times, on TV, in movies or even at his friend’s house… a dad.



The boy hears nothing but the familiar sound of his mother’s heartbeat. Feels nothing but the softness of her mothers luscious red covered lipstick lips on his forehead, her Herbal Essence scented hair ever so gently cross his cheek and the warm embrace he’s known since being brought home from the hospital, 6 years ago tomorrow.

“Are you ok? Did anything happen to you?” said Naevia.

“Yes mommy, I grew up and I appreciate all that you have done for me ”

Naevia sheds a tear. The bus driver holds his back.

“Mom, I don’t need a treat, you’re special enough to me… can we go home now?”

With a smile of pure joy, Naevia responds

“Yes, my brave little guy.”


Written By: Xavier Lewis
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– Xavier – @CoolyoNgeLEW