Smallville Season 11 #41

Smallville - Season 11 #41Valkyrie: Over the Atlantic Lois is flying out to Africa for an assignment (via plane), when a child inquires about how Superman is like, then the flight attendants, and slowly begins to see (if she didn’t already) that she is a celebrity mostly in part to the fact that Superman is tied to her name in more than one way. Then one of the flight attendants gets fresh. In London (not even sure why London I must of missed that somewhere) Perry White gets a call that Lois has been taken off the plane due to fighting the attendant, and the air marshal. She jokes about not worrying if she’s on the no fly list, “there’s always a safer way to travel”. Near Tinasha, Africa is where Lois begins her assignment about an “Angel of the Plateau” by asking U.N. soldiers. They respond by saying the vigilante is “unquestionably badass” they continue to explain that due to warlords taking children, villagers in return get protection, but the children don’t make it home when the angel strikes. Moments later their U.N. convoy is ambushed (of course it is…) and as the gunfight ensues Lois finds herself in mishap after mishap until finally her Angel arrives. Who turns out to be… Lana….? To Be Continued.

This is nit picking, but in the story, Lois goes on talking about her ass, then there’s clear ass shot (which in all 200+ episodes of Smallville, an ass shot was rare. There’s maybe 6 in all 10 seasons) AND IT’S THE FLATTEST ASS I’VE EVER SEEN.  Granted it’s a 2D medium, but there’s ways around that to give Lois SOME booty. Granted the Actor may not have much but you done changed up so much what’s wrong with giving her some real booty?Smallville - Season 11 #41 019

Anyway I FINALLY GOT MY PRAYERS ANSWERED! Cat Staggs does the interior for the book and its damn near amazing. I wonder if this was to “mimic” the last time we saw Lana, when she gets the suit she currently has on to save Lois. If I’m not mistaken, Allison Mack directed that episode and it was very pro female. The art work is very detailed and really captures the look of the actress’ faces in different situations. It’s a bit of a step forward in quality, but this doesn’t take away at all from the look of the Haunted arc Artist. The inker (if not Catt) did miss some spots. I can still see some sketch lines. Intended maybe, but it just looks cheap if that’s a style. I think I noticed a Mr. Terrific nod in the opening pages. I’m impressed with the look of her first interior work for the book. If she is on another book previously, then I’m sure others are used to this style but as a first time and, given her clear talent I’m a tad let down.

I like seeing this side to Lois, her bob. She often gets lost in the role of being the damsel in distress, to emphasize the love story between her and Clark. So her being away on a solo mission is dope. To what end obviously remains to be seen, but for what it’s worth, this is the best side story so far. It touches on the fact that everyone knows who she is and how important she is to the public’s impression of Superman, and how she deals with keeping his secret. Favourite part of the issue is Lana’s reveal. If it weren’t for the cover, you’d have never guessed it was really her.

Smallville - Season 11 #41

  • Overall rating of the comic: 4 out of 5,
  • Art: 3.2 out of 5,
  • layout: 3 out of 5,
  • True to character dialogue: 4 out of 5,
  • Story: 4 out of 5.

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Superman III: Throwback Movie Review

Superman wasn’t feeling too super this time around.


Directed by Richard Lester
Written by David Newman, Leslie Newman
Music by Ken Thorne
Duration 125 min

To any who have seen it, all agree it’s stupid and the worst of all the Superman movies, if not all live-action depictions of the character. Clearly showing age, Christopher Reeves’ 3rd outing as the title character, it’s not his fault, but at the same time, that’s because of the story. When you look at the story, it’s messed up because of what happens in Superman two. If you do happen to watch it, somehow Lois forgets that Clark is Superman. Lex is never mentioned (not that he’s missed to be but still). Back to Christopher Reeves, he does an okay job of delivering his lines and continuing to have us believe that a man could fly. This movie is more about Superman’s (out of the blue) demons. A lot of why this movie works is because of the talents from Reeves.

images  Smallville fans may remember the lovely face that is Lana Lang, wait… I mean Martha Kent, who plays Lana in this movie. There’s an interesting dynamic between Clark and Lana here. As much as a bumbling fool Christopher plays as Clark, he randomly had a bit more confidence here than when dealing with Lois. The highlight of the movie is when Clark fights Superman thanks to imperfect, man made piece of Kryptonite. The worst actor was Richard Pryor.

I remember seeing this movie as a kid and being mad that you could see all the lines and wires holding up Reeves. The blu-ray copy has gotten rid of those errors and which made this slightly more enjoyable. The coolest thing here was the flying in the movie. Reeves had quite a bit of practice now and having shot the movie noticeably away from New York, (proabably still in the U.K. for principle Photography) allowed them to have  more in city stunts. There’s less use of blue/green screens and a lot more practical flight stunts especially with the Clark versus Superman sequence. Another cool thing about this movie was his powers were slightly more explored. Up until this movie he’s only shown using flight, agility (running) strength, heat vision and super breath. This one he adds cool/ice breath. The best parts of the movie are the stunts. There’s a much bigger improvement from the past two instalments.

But honestly I hate this movie. It’s the worst one. The copy cat Lex Luther, the dumb reason for the identity split, Richard Pryor, the 2 hour running joke, everything else. Shout out to Margot Kidder, she was basically written out because she disagreed with the firing of Richard Donner. Though she can be glad she wasn’t in this movie.

Superman 3Bottom line is when you look back at Superman, this is just a footnote of how bad his character is. But there’s not many good 3rd movie trilogies out there. This isn’t one of them. I blame the director and as I said in the first or second review that this series is a fault all on it’s own because of the realm that these movies exist in. Superman is loved like everyone is a child this depiction of metropolis is where the went wrong.

Ratings for all movies will now be out of ten

  • Overall rating of the movie: 2 out of 10,
  • Cinematography: 5 out of 10,
  • Editing: 3 out of 10,
  • Audio: 5 out of 10,
  • Acting: 4 out of 10,

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Superman: The Movie (1978) Throwback Review

Distant planet called Krypton… Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound…..

It’s Superman

Director: Richard Donner Writers: Mario PuzoDavid NewmanLeslie NewmanRobert Benton Run Time: 143

Jor-El… Marlon Brando
Lex Luthor Gene Hackman
Superman-Clark Kent… Christopher Reeve
Jonathan Kent… Glenn Ford
Lois Lane… Margot Kidder
Perry White… Jackie Cooper
Jimmy Olsen… Marc McClure
Otis… Ned Beatty
Eve Tessmacher… Valerie Perrine

superman 1978

Some of the best things about the movie are how it is shot, the props, the sets and of course having audiences believing a man could fly. From the opening scene, to the trial of Zod, to Clark racing a train right up to the Superman movie send off, it’s all kind of majestic in its delivery. As kids, most of us have seen this film and we probably thought this was real. As I re-watched this movie I couldn’t help but feel like the four-year old me again singing the songs. Honestly, John Williams deserves all the awards in the world. His influence in cinema may be underappreciated but the truth (proof) is in his work.

This movie is a classic.

superman the movieNow you may have wondered why I didn’t say a “timeless classic”, that’s because it is dated. Superman these days isn’t dating Lois. He’s shagging Wonder Woman, has armor, has two confusing comics and is currently being played by Henry Cavalli In Man Of Steel. The sets, style of cinematography and even how Mr. Reeves portrayed Clark is a bit out dated. It’s not the worst, but now it sort of doesn’t hold up. I understand the exact reason why, and it’s clear when one gets to the part where Superman is interviewed by Lois Lane at her apartment. To that point you should understand the importance of Clark’s mannerisms versus when he’s Superman. There’s even a nice contrast between Margot Kidder’s choices of character mannerisms when dealing with clark and dealing with Superman. That is probably the best acting for those two together. The best acted scene however is when Lois dies.superman--the-movie

It’s actually my all time favourite movie moment of all time. The noticeable silence, the cinematography, the greatest reaction to a death (I’ve ever seen) in a movie. The entire movie’s cast kind of has a theatrical feel to it. Even Chris Reeves has a strong theatre background. So when he got pissed that he couldn’t save Lois, and he says the “no’s” without any sound, only to have him yell at the heavens.

Yeah that’s epic (with today’s effects we may have seen him accidentally cause a shockwave of some sort). Add the fact that while he was still living on the farm, he couldn’t save his father it just has a nice added weight to it by the time that scene comes. Then the reversal of time via reverse globe spinning and all that confusion happens.

Honestly as far as origin stories go, this may have been one of the best – especially with the passing of time to the point where Clark goes to train with Jor-El (Smallville fans, Season 5). From early infant, to man, we don’t see Superman for the first hour. And then, when see Superman in action it’s pretty accurate to almost every origin of Superman I’ve seen, outside of “Earth One”. Superman is always first seen saving a plane or some kind of air craft.

The reason to fault this movie is in its own greatness. This story would basically be a Superman Earth 2 story from before “Crisis on Infinite Earths” got rid of that realm to smooth out their continuity. What that means to everyone else is that, the world of this Superman is yes, set in New York City, but it’s not a realistic NYC. It’s a world where he’s loved with no reason. He only saved Lois because well, it’s Lois. Towards the end, it does make sense but it’s hard to entirely accept.

Christopher_Reeve_TributeBottom line: this is one of those movies all kids should see or anyone really. But I know not everyone will. The movie is very light and kid friendly but still has a lot that adults can take from it, cinema students included.

Ratings for all movies will now be out of ten

  • Overall rating of the movie: 8 out of 10,
  • Cinematography: 7 out of 10,
  • Editing: 5 out of 10,
  • Audio: 8 out of 10,
  • Acting: 8 out of 10,

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Smallville Season 11 #12

I love when a story comes together, or when it creates a twist. But I do have my let downs.

So it’s the next day, but from all the drama in the last issue, one would think has been a week or two, with all that’s happened in the last 11 issues. Superman decides to pay Lex a more cordial, formal, human visit. He tells Lex that even though he’s the cause of Hank’s current condition, he believes he was doing the right thing, in some kind of “Lex Luther” way, and his apologies for the windows. But Lex has something else in mind (This is where you may want to revisit *issue 6**). When the shuttle carrying Hank Henshaw’s team into space, blew up and caused a radiation leak, it covered Superman. Though non lethal, it does act as a tracking device, which has just finished the calibration process. Oh, and it can track him for roughly the next 500 years. Later Supes informs Lois that Clark is on extended leave, and he confesses to his fiancé what Lex has done to him. Back at Smallville General Hospital, where Chloe saw her Earth 2 counter part, Ollie tells her the last words were “tell Superman it’s coming”. The Crisis, back in Metropolis, Tess tries to see if she can make Lex move from her side of the mind, she gets a finger to move. High above the city, Superman is watching and listening, as he hears Lois tell him, she loves him. The end.

Perez he drew a much better Tom Welling Superman than he has up to this point. The best scenes are all the Superman/Lex scenes. Every face made was right for the emotion. I don’t know if I’ve said this before, but I believe an artist gets the script, and the artist chooses the best moments to draw where everything would make sense. From the story to the characters feelings, to small details that lay in the background. With that said, another scene that was well crafted, was the reveal of what Chloe of Earth two said. In the background, it’s all red; In all the major crises, at some point the sky’s turn red (the reason I don’t know.. Just does). Now that may have been intentional, or just a something that was added for flair of causing more drama.

The scenes with Lex were also the best scenes written, but this is where my flaw comes from. We’ve done this story already, well kind of. If you watched Smallville season 8, then you may know where I’m headed with this. If you haven’t, well go and watch it. Not all of it, because it was a very garbage season, but to give you a brief recap. In season 7, Lana Lang left the show, or was written out. Either way she left, then somewhere in the early mid season, she came back in season 8 as her love for Clark was rekindled. Lex devised a plan to separate his ex wife from Clark (who has loved her ever since season 1) for good. Some way or another, Lex made an invisible suit that would absorb & store Kryptonite, which means it would kill Clark if he tried to be with her (at the end of season 7 Lex figures everything out about Clark; Spoiler), so Lana absorbs the Green K, and thus ends Lana’s story. This is KIND OF the exact same thing, minus hurting anyone thanks to the radiation, but separating him from the one woman who actually loves him. The best thing about this, is that I didn’t see it coming.

So, this officially ends the Hank Henshaw story, for now and well, the next issue is interesting. As far as continuing Smallville, it’s been a love-hate thing, but thanks for reading 12 reviews.

Enjoy your week!


  • Overall rating of the comic: 3.8 out of 5
  • Art:  3.6 out of 5
  • layout*: 4 out of 5
  • True to character dialogue: 4.1 out of 5
  • Story: 3.8 out of 5

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Smallville S11 #3

– Writer: Bryan Q. Miller
-Art: Pere Perez

This is the end of act one, or maybe better put, episode one. Which, when reading felt like a real season opener (When you put the first two issues together, to this issue). It’s a decent issue once you get past the first 4 or so pages, but I’ll get to that in a bit. The story in this ish seems to recap the two previous issues and tells you where this entire season direction may be headed, as so many other season openers have done in the past. This issue starts with Oliver Queen aka Green Arrow, saving the day with him then being saved by Superman, finding out Ollie is leaving for Star City, and that Him & Chloe have actually tied the knot before Lois & Clark. Then it ends on a cliff hanger, that little disturbance in space had been a disguise to bring someone/thing rocketing towards Earth.

As I was saying about the first 4 pages, the writing just seemed so…tacky. It’s true to the character in a way, with Ollie, but all else in this scene, it just doesn’t work. Feels very child like, but then again I’m reading comic books, so that’s kinda part of the package I guess (it is to David Cronenburg). The remainder of the issue is pretty dead on with what the rest of the main cast would say in the show. With the cliff hanger ending, I’m very curious to see what may happen.

The artist needs to go. If the writing is “childish”, the art is infant. It reminds me of the “New52” Action Comics art, and how bad that was. If sales of this book aren’t high, the art may be the reason. Granted it’s only 3 issues in, but damn. There should be a limit to this kind of crap. Maybe they should have rotating artists, kinda in the way Spider-Man had his when they did his “Brand New Day” reboot/recon. It really needs to have a more “realistic” feel. I’d suggest artist, but the good ones are all at Marvel doing great things (Sorry.. Its true).


  • Overall rating of the comic: 2.7 out of 5,
  • Art:  2.5 out of 5,
  • layout*: 2.5 out of 5,
  • True to character dialogue: 3 out of 5,
  • Story: 3 out of 5,*layout for anyone wondering is just how each frame is set up, from singles to full/double page spreads to word placement bubbles to the art.

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Smallville Season 11 #1

– Writer: Bryan Q. Miller
-Art: Pere Perez


So, welcome back to the next set of comic book reviews. I’m behind, I know, I apologize, but if you read my “Smallville, A Look Back” then you kinda know what’s coming. If you don’t, then that’s too bad for you. This one will be short.

Smallville Season 11. Yes they made it a comic, so go out & buy it. The story in issue one, is his re-emergence since the finale episode, this comic takes place approximately 6 months after it all. To help with any confusion, the finale takes place 7 years after, well the scenes with Chloe and the last initial scene, so now to the review.

Superman has had one consistent thing (which I’m assuming the John Byrne run back in the 70’s or 80’s started), which is any time we see him for the first time in a new story, he has to fly & save some kinda plane or flying object. In the first Superman movie, the helicopter & Lois, in the Superman Returns movie, the air plane launching the space shuttle, etc. Here it’s slightly different. He is saving a space station and its crew from some kind of unknown force. This issue works for me and it doesn’t, for 2 reasons. It doesn’t really explain anything and it shows you the characters for sure to be seen again in later issues as this “seasons” arc progresses. I like that fact it doesn’t go into really explaining who everyone is, even as a new reader you can grasp the idea.

The story is short, nothing is really given other than seeing Superman in a new version of superman uniform (It’s a mix between the current superman uniform and the “Superman: Earth One” story arc by J. Michael Strazincky). This story doesn’t entirely feel like a season opener story, but that could just be a matter of interpretation.

The art is a let down in my opinion. I figured since it’s based off a tv show, they would have gotten a bit of a bigger artist, being that the writer is from the show and what not. It’s very cartoon-ish, which of course is expected for a comic book, but again, it’s based off a show. I was hoping some of that could be carried over into this medium. Or at least have consistent face drawings and not what appears to be guess work.


  • Overall rating of the comic: 3 out of 5,
  • Art:  2.7 out of 5,
  • layout*: 4 out of 5,
  • True to character dialogue: 4 out of 5,
  • Story: 3 out of ,
  • Continuity? So far everything is matching up from the show smallville, Chloe being the only exception.

    *layout for anyone wondering is just how each frame is set up, from singles to full/double page spreads to word placement bubbles to the art.

Thank you for reading feedback is always helpful.

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