Lady Brown Presents: Sexucation I

Welcome, LEW here. If you follow me on Instagram or my earlier days on twitter, you’d know that I like the female body. I like adult things cause… well I’m an adult dammit. so I showed my friend my blog and told her what I wanted to do going and here’s her point of view. I gave her a random topic and she ran with it. If it does well by all means I will encourage more. So for now enjoy read comment suggest and… well do whatever. but do enjoy it.


Sex. Its always around us. Once you hit puberty its all everyone thinks about; it’s what people work for. To get a husband/wife that will take care of you, provide and protect you and give you some head banging, legs quaking, genitalia throbbing sex.

But sex is always a sensitive subject of discussion because its always on the borderline of being inappropriate or uncomfortable; but sex for me is freedom. Freedom to let your body speak in ways only your partner can understand. Freedom to please and be pleased by your partner. Freedom to just feel your lover in ways words can’t express. Freedom to just feel.


Today’s Sexucation topic is; “Food in Sex”.


Sex generally can be very appetizing in itself but if you want spice up your sex life here’s one way to do it … add food. Now I’m not talking about cheeseburgers and wings but if that’s what turns you on, do you; adding food to the bedroom brings a new ” flavor ” to sex (all puns intended). Now introducing the idea to your partner for the first time might not get the reaction you intend so you just gotta do it lion style and just go in for the kill. Surprise your lover! No one ever disliked a surprise party, but great planning makes for great parties.

To start off you have to decide on the food you and your partner would like in the bedroom. Good examples of sexy foods would be: pineapples, strawberries, cherries, or grapes .. any type of sweet fruit would be fine due to fruits having a natural, sweet taste. For instance, when you take a bite out of a beautifully ripe pineapple AND its sweet, its like euphoria. This is the effect you want to have on your partner. Your goal is to enhance the pleasure between the two of you.

Adding the food item is step one, now its time to personalize and please your lover. Let’s stick with pineapples, because they’re one of the juiciest fruits that I personally think is even sexier than strawberries. What I do is pretend my lover doesn’t like the food I’m trying to introduce during sex. This way my priority is making my partner love it like its the first time he’s tasting. You want your partner to literally be eating out the palm of your hand so you have to know what your lover likes sexually. If your partner likes sucking your nipples, an idea would be putting the pineapples on your nipples and letting them suck it off. If your partner loves french kissing you can put the pineapples on their body, take it off with your mouth and share the fruit via kissing . There’s many different ways you can please you partner with your food item, its all a matter or being creative and never forgetting to stay sexy.

Food is just the foundation, never get comfortable with just eating, sucking, or licking the item. As I said you have to get creative. One thing that goes well with everything is chocolate; melted chocolate is always preferred though

.strawberries covered

Spread chocolate on your lovers body, especially on the places they feel the most sensation, their sweet spots. I guarantee that once your partner enjoys it, they’ll want to reciprocate the feeling. And yes, put that chocolate on his dick and suck it like a popsicle if you want to. Whipped cream also tastes great with fruits, and tastes even better on pussy. Sugar is a tricky yet totally delicious way to get freaky. You can make sugar trails on your lovers body and lick slowly, that never fails. You just have to know what he/she likes and play like you got the home court advantage, ’cause you do.


tumblr_ma4yqsuuT41r4nil1Finally, one rule when it comes to having amazing sex is that you have to be open minded. Like improv, never say no and go with the flow. If certain things make you uncomfortable, by all means don’t do it, but if you want a sex life that’s never boring you always have to be ready to try new things. As a lover, you should always look to please to your partner and not always yourself. Selfish sex makes for bad sex.

So to recap, add food to bedroom. Fruits are always preferred because they have their own sensual sweetness which is a perfect addiction to your activity. And don’t forget to BE CREATIVE ! Personalize the experience for the person your having sex with. Know what they like, what makes them hot and what makes them not. And lastly, be open minded and always look to make your partner happy in the bedroom and they WILL want to return the favor. And for extra help, as tacky as it may sound, watch pornos for tips. No one knows how to please someone better than a highly paid porn star!


Thanks for reading ! Stay sexucated !


Smallville Season 11 #12

I love when a story comes together, or when it creates a twist. But I do have my let downs.

So it’s the next day, but from all the drama in the last issue, one would think has been a week or two, with all that’s happened in the last 11 issues. Superman decides to pay Lex a more cordial, formal, human visit. He tells Lex that even though he’s the cause of Hank’s current condition, he believes he was doing the right thing, in some kind of “Lex Luther” way, and his apologies for the windows. But Lex has something else in mind (This is where you may want to revisit *issue 6**). When the shuttle carrying Hank Henshaw’s team into space, blew up and caused a radiation leak, it covered Superman. Though non lethal, it does act as a tracking device, which has just finished the calibration process. Oh, and it can track him for roughly the next 500 years. Later Supes informs Lois that Clark is on extended leave, and he confesses to his fiancé what Lex has done to him. Back at Smallville General Hospital, where Chloe saw her Earth 2 counter part, Ollie tells her the last words were “tell Superman it’s coming”. The Crisis, back in Metropolis, Tess tries to see if she can make Lex move from her side of the mind, she gets a finger to move. High above the city, Superman is watching and listening, as he hears Lois tell him, she loves him. The end.

Perez he drew a much better Tom Welling Superman than he has up to this point. The best scenes are all the Superman/Lex scenes. Every face made was right for the emotion. I don’t know if I’ve said this before, but I believe an artist gets the script, and the artist chooses the best moments to draw where everything would make sense. From the story to the characters feelings, to small details that lay in the background. With that said, another scene that was well crafted, was the reveal of what Chloe of Earth two said. In the background, it’s all red; In all the major crises, at some point the sky’s turn red (the reason I don’t know.. Just does). Now that may have been intentional, or just a something that was added for flair of causing more drama.

The scenes with Lex were also the best scenes written, but this is where my flaw comes from. We’ve done this story already, well kind of. If you watched Smallville season 8, then you may know where I’m headed with this. If you haven’t, well go and watch it. Not all of it, because it was a very garbage season, but to give you a brief recap. In season 7, Lana Lang left the show, or was written out. Either way she left, then somewhere in the early mid season, she came back in season 8 as her love for Clark was rekindled. Lex devised a plan to separate his ex wife from Clark (who has loved her ever since season 1) for good. Some way or another, Lex made an invisible suit that would absorb & store Kryptonite, which means it would kill Clark if he tried to be with her (at the end of season 7 Lex figures everything out about Clark; Spoiler), so Lana absorbs the Green K, and thus ends Lana’s story. This is KIND OF the exact same thing, minus hurting anyone thanks to the radiation, but separating him from the one woman who actually loves him. The best thing about this, is that I didn’t see it coming.

So, this officially ends the Hank Henshaw story, for now and well, the next issue is interesting. As far as continuing Smallville, it’s been a love-hate thing, but thanks for reading 12 reviews.

Enjoy your week!


  • Overall rating of the comic: 3.8 out of 5
  • Art:  3.6 out of 5
  • layout*: 4 out of 5
  • True to character dialogue: 4.1 out of 5
  • Story: 3.8 out of 5

Thank you for reading feedback is always helpful.

THAT’S IT! Cheers: “To Peace” and May the Force be with you!

– Xavier – @CoolyoNgeLEW

Looper Review

Every so often there’s a movie made that changes the idea of what cinema is. That’s where you can use the term ‘groundbreaking’ for a film (fyi, The Dark Knight Rises ISN’T ONE OF THOSE FILMS!). But, as I was saying, the 118 min movie was outstanding.

Writer / director: Rian Johnson

The story you see in the trailers is there, and it’s clear, but after a while, the story gets SO MUCH DEEPER. The tale deals with time stream continuum which is a fairly simple concept (It’s when you start to think of crazy ideas that makes it complicated) from the start to the last frame (which gives me reason to watch it again), that part of the story is always evident. The story gets to this point where it kinda becomes guess work, and then not to mention trying to figure out what “Joe” is going to do next. Honestly, it’s just so well written, everything is clear (though, I do have an advantage thanks to comic book reading), it’s emotion felt, and the ENITRE MOVIE is a play on its title. There I said it, that should help you figure out the entire movie.

The visual fx and cinematography.. man, the way it all plays out just seems so right. In the trailer you see the part where he falls? That scene was one of my many favorite moments(though I may just say the entire thing was my favourite), though there isn’t much change in what the trailer shows & what the movie itself shows. Like, there weren’t any new cuts, or added sounds etc. The make up of JGL was shockingly well done. He really looked what one would guess is a “young” Bruce Willis. The make up artist deserves an award. When the movie gets to the end, it’s where a lot of AMAZING things happen.

JGL. He…the dude has been one of the most underrated actors in Hollywood. I don’t know his entire career, but when he was just a kid on “3rd Rock From the Sun” I knew (a kid myself) that he was a wicked actor. Inception, being as good as it was, just pushed 90% of his current fan base into overdrive. The work he did was amazing. There’s only one time where his voice breaks character, it’s when he’s yelling, but you can’t entirely change your yelling voice and still be able to give a heartfelt performance. Go ahead.. Take a pause and try it (You may just end up doing a Darth Vader, as seen in S.W. Epi. 3). But he had a younger Bruce down pat, added with his charm which is so good of an actor to do. Cause it’s not a bio pic, it’s a created character, but a moment in time of a character. Great casting on the two of them, and I love how ruthless “Joe” gets later. Then there’s a surprise hit in the film. Everyone In the theatre & I was with (basically the TSM team) I’m sure was shocked by one actor in particular. It’s why I didn’t put the cast of the film.

For me, this may be my new all time fav movie. One reason “The Dark Knight” is so great, is because it isn’t just a super hero movie. It branches and touches all these different genres, and its performances. This film LOOKS like a film fest kind of movie (it was screened opening night at Tiff), BUT.. You can clearly see it’s one that got the right budget to be a hit. I love sci-fi stories but this had so much realism it’s crazy. The way the city blends with it all, it’s crazy, then it gets to the rural areas, it’s all just something to cherish. Honestly, it’s the best movie of the year. Can you guess what my rating for this film is? I’m gonna go out on a limb & say its Oscar worthy for best picture.


For a second opinion see @Mr_STiXX‘s review on the film.

  • Overall rating of the movie: 6 out of 5,
  • Cinematography: 4.7 out of 5,
  • Editing: 5 out of 5,
  • Audio: 4.9 out of 5,
  • Acting: 8 out of 5,
  • Theatres or wait for the blu-ray? Worth the full price of admission. then grab it on blu-ray for sure.

THAT’S IT! Cheers: “To Peace” and May the Force be with you!

– Xavier – @CoolyoNgeLEW

Spider-Man Blue Review

*Hello there, it’s just your friendly neighbourhood movie reviewer, bringing you part of the next chapter. In the P.S.A I had mentioned that more reviews were coming, and since I’m a giant comic book fan for a lot more than one reason, I decided to write up some reviews so that more of my thoughts can be on the inter-web. Most of the comics I’ll review are going to be Marvel brand comics, because frankly the “New 52” DC has done, didn’t tickle my fancy in the slightest. With that said I’ll review comics from issues,  to story arcs and even Graphic novels (mostly one  shots, out of continuity stories) from today, to stories of old. There will be no order or pattern, a lot like my movie reviews.  It will all depend on what I have time to read, and so on and so forth. Suggestions on how or where to improve is always helpful. Now that the introduction is out of the way, let’s get to some comics.

I chose Spider-Man Blue, simply because I heard it was fantastic and couldn’t find much on it in terms of reviews (not that it wasn’t out there, I just couldn’t find it). I heard about it roughly when I had started to get back into comics, but at the time I was so “scared” about where to start. I wanted a good start, somewhere  I could get a handle of things, and this seemed like it wasn’t gonna be it at the time. But I did always want to read it, and so now that I’m “caught” up I said I’d give it a read and see what happens. I’ve read work from this creative team of Jeph Loeb & Tim Sale before (mostly DC stuff), and I was always left pretty impressed; not so much by the art, but by the symbolic story telling. I mean Jeph Loeb has proven himself time and time again, he worked on  “Heroes“… Ok maybe not a good example, but hey it had a good first season, also seasons 2 and 3 of Smallville. The first chapter (consisting of 24 pages) starts off very well,  if you remember the opening lines of the first Spider-man movie like I do–which came out the same year.

“This like any story worth telling, is all about a girl” – Spider-manPeter Parker – Tobey Maguire

click any picture to view lager

This story is about Peters love for Gwen Stacy.   Gwen was and always will be (to most Spider-Man fans anyway) the true girlfriend for the Peter. Her tragic demise is a milestone in comics, both for the genre and character. I believe until then, the Superhero would always save the girl they are in love with. He tried, and still to this day he battles with himself being the cause, or if in fact the Green Goblin is the reason she died. The story takes place with Spidey swinging through NYC to where he last saw Gwen “alive” as we read we understand this is a just us being taken down memory lane, but he’s actually at home talking into a tape recorder. It’s here we discover why the story is called “Spider-Man Blue” he feels “blue” for missing her, kind of  like how a jazz player feels when playing the blues. The story then flashes forwards a bit to a retelling of Amazing Spider-man (ASM) #40. After 8 pages of stunning work we get some action as the story progresses, we learn come the first chapters end, just how Peter and Gwen met. The Hidden but obvious message was “Things have to get really bad, before they can get good.”

Most recently in comics they dissolved the marriage of Peter and Mary Jane (which I won’t get into just know that they did it and only No fan agreed with it). They explained it in a similar manner that this book does with a “moment in time” (the comic book arc to see what I’m talking about is One Moment In Time) style of story telling. I don’t think I’ve read the stories/issues this book retells, but i know of them from reading the bio of Spidey and the infamous cartoon shows and what not. So I don’t know how accurate they are in terms of  replicating the frames and words and so on and so forth. However, that doesn’t mean it takes away from how pleasant this story is. Skipping along, book two we are shown a mystery man whose identity  I will reveal later. Come chapters end, we are introduced to Mary Jane Watson, this is where the book gets interesting (and all nerds who read comics and can maybe relate to Spidey, become happy that MAYBE a beautiful blonde NERD, a beautiful SUPER-MODEL, would fall in like/love with them). From here on out it’s a bit of a tug of war between MJW and Gwen (face it if you had the above mentioned options you’d just let them duke it out and hope for the best, it’s a win win really). The action here is him fighting the Rhino with the help of Dr. Curt Conners (which you will see in the new Spidey movie). Book three: MJW is now fully into play. The gang of Flash Thompson, Gwen, MJW, Harry and Peter all meet up at some local bar/pub where “The Lizard” strikes, which means duty calls for Peter to get pics for the Daily Bugle. MJW happens to go along with him (There is more to that story, but that is for another time, though it is obvious). Peter agrees to move in with Harry Osborn which was drawn to have this erie feeling like he’s up to something, which of course he is, because before Peter can really even muster a no much less yes, he asks Pete if he was gonna take a chance at MJW (which in my opinion is a huge reason why Peter and Gwen even had a bit of a chance to be together).

Book four starts with Pete and Aunt May, this may be the best scene with Aunt May ever. Well, since she figured out Pete was in fact Spider-Man all this time (way later in issues). In a way, she recaps where we left off, and gives him that friendly motherly advice that parents can’t always give because of the role they have to play, and that faint touch of being out of time helps a lot too. Elsewhere, The Vulture is poisoned only to have another, by the name of Blackie Drago, take his place as the green winged menace. There’s a fight that leaves Spider-Man seemingly dead (or unconscious), and even how that looks is amazing. It’s like your eyes watch him “drop” from the sky, only to be abruptly stopped by Spidey a pile of snow.

Book Five has the most comedy, and some how Pete finds himself to his new apartment and word has got out that he’s sick and BOTH MJW and Gwen come to play nurse to him (remember: from really bad to good). Sad part is, this isn’t even the best part but it’s on the rise. Just outside, the original Vulture and the new one are duking it outside and of course, Pete knows that “With great power comes great responsibility” so he suits up to take em both on, all while just WISHING to be with Gwen.

FINALLY, Book Six, as I said, the mysterious man is revealed to be Kraven, the hunter who was watching and studying the concrete jungles animals (makes sense when you think about it all). When that fight is all said and done, it is Valentine’s Day, and Peter finally gets a moment of what you could easily call a break (for him). In walks Gwen. (I’ll leave that to you, the reader of this entry, to find out how that all goes down). Fast forward in time to Pete shockingly finding MJW to be there only to have her say: “Tell Gwen I miss you too.”


This story as I may have said before is just beautiful. If you ever lost a romantic loved one (which I pray I never have to deal with), then you can read this story and I’m sure choke up a bit, cause you didn’t get to spend the rest of your life with them like you hoped, though they did with you. As long time fan of spider-man, I believe Gwen will forever be the woman for Peter, while MJW will be the woman for Peter AND Spider-Man.

Tim Sales’ art is an acquired taste. This isn’t cause I have a personal bone with him or anything (he was quite rude when I met him at Fan Expo), but because it actually is. He draws with A LOT of lines, for the most part they aren’t straight, and sometimes it does get a little weird, but that doesn’t mean it’s bad. It’s different, and for that simple reason, I like it. I don’t know what to call it or classify it as, but his art honestly just works so well with what Loeb is writing about.

Now, for the rating system–many ask how it works. The general/overall rating is just how you would possibly think of it WITHOUT getting all detailed. Not to say you don’t understand but to just give you an idea of how I rate things, I don’t have just a general rating of things. With that said, all comic book ratings will be out of ten. (well maybe just graphic novel stories) so here goes:

  • Overall rating of the comic: 8 out of 10,
  • Art:  7.5 out of 10,
  • layout*: 6.8 out of 10,
  • True to character dialogue: 9 out of 10,
  • Story: 9.5 out of 10,
  • Continuity? I think since this was published it has been mentioned once  in the main Spidey comics, so if you just want a good story, this is a good grab, if you want to know more about Gwen, also a good story just on its own to make those issues have more of a connection.

*layout for anyone wondering is just how each frame is set up, from singles to full/double page spreads to word placement bubbles to the art.

Thank you for reading feedback is always helpful.

THAT’S IT! Cheers: “To Peace” and May the Force be with you!

– Xavier – @CoolyoNgeLEW

Remember Those Riddimz Vol.3: Lovers Rock Edition

Remember Those Riddimz Vol.3: Lovers Rock Edition

Good Day folks,
The time to Remember Those Lovers Rock tunes is FINALLY here. So, grab yuh lovah, hold a corner & “Rock Away” to some good lovers rock reggae. Givin you a full hour of STRICTLY Lovers Rock for you to groove to in your speakers/headphones/car…basically anything you does play music in.
Download the mix now so you can “Remember Those Riddimz”

*download link is on the side under downloads OR just click the album cover*

RTR3: Lovers Rock Edition [track list]

1. Love Sponge – Buju Banton
2. Love My Brownin – Buju Banton
3. Can’t Stop A Man – Beres Hammond
4. If Love So Nice – Junior Kelly
5. Someone Loves You – J C Lodge
6. Send Me The Pillow – Cynthia Schloss
7. Show & Tell – Freddie McKay
8. See You In Your Arms – Kashief Lindo
9. Sometimes – Sanchez
10. Love Me Truly – Cocoa Tea
11. Born A Winner – Freddy McGregor
12. Push Comes To Shove – Freddy McGregor
13. Just Don’t Wanna Be Lonely – Freddy McGregor
14. I See It In You – Freddy McGregor
15. No More Lonely Nights – Fiona
16. Pretty Girl – Sanchez
17. Sweetness – Beres Hammond
18. I’m In Love – Fiona
19. Inside My Heart – Tinga Stewart
20. Love You Too Much – Wayne Wade
21. The First Cut Is The Deepest – Kashief Lindo
22. Stuck On You – Frankie Paul
23. For You – Sanchez
24. Missing You – Sanchez
25. One In A Million – Sanchez
26. Live On – Beres Hammond & Marcia Griffiths
27. Tempted To Touch – Beres Hammond
28. Trying To Get To You – Richie Stephens
29. Eternity – Nana McLean
30. Fresh Vegetable – Tony Rebel
31. Can’t Wait – Sanchez
32. Over Me – Sanchez
33. Need Your Love – Leroy Sibbles
34. I’m In Love – Nadine Sutherland
35. Body Language – John Holt & Gregory Isaacs
36. Im Not A King – Cocoa King
37. Give Me Your Loving – Marcia Griffiths & Cutty Ranks
38. Heaven In Your Eyes –Gappy Ranks
39. Girl Friend – George Nooks
40. Hugging Me Loving Me – Lukie D
41. Bring Back The Love – Richie Stephens
42. Moan & Groan – Frankie Paul
43. Just Friends – Swade & Tony Rebel
44. I Am Just A Man – Red Rat
45. Connection – Voicemail
46. All I Need – Christopher Martin
47. Won’t Give Up On You – Iceman
48. Can’t Buy Love – D Major
49. She’s Mine – Barrington Levy
50. Too Experienced – Barrington Levy
51. I Don’t Know Why – Wayne Wonder & Buju Banton
52. Doctor’s Order – Beres Hammond
53. Rock Away – Beres Hammond