Music Video: Kill Me Now

late last year I was fortunate enough to film another music video.

Kill Me Now
– local Toronto Artist: Xib

Director and editor: Justin Mckoy
Prouducer: Shanaise Williams
D.o.P.: Xavier Lewis (Yours truly)

You can find the track here: (Track 15) as well as more info with them.

Story: Guy goes to party, sees his gf dong things he wished she didn’t do, finds out she has gone missing, begins to search for her.

Earlier this month (May 2015), I was recipient of Centennial College’s Donny award for “music video of the year”. For me this was a very much needed pick me up. Last year I submitted Trust me and I really thought I would’ve won for best editing. But in hindsight, I really should have won.


Just kidding, I do see why I didn’t. But I felt a little defeated this past year on the lows. This being as good as it is, and winning for this award really gave me a lot of a pick me up that was in dire need. So please, do enjoy and I will have more stuff for you as soon as possible.

Shoutout to the Donny winners of 2015 and those nominated!

Scan 2

Trust Me (I’m An artist)

Short film: Cora is an artist trapped in the vortex of her own solitude and her only way out is to let people in. Her art is an escape mechanism from her OCD, she just wants people to understand it. To understand her.
Ocd Artist tries to make deadline

I shot and edited this short. Completed in 2014 for Centennial College Assignment.

The Dom

I really just love action films so I made this in a way as a tribute to the simplicity of it. I wrote it, shot it, directed it, and edited it. I even made a cameo. The Assignment was to tell a story in under 8 mins.

When Domonic Lions’ best friend is unexpectedly killed in a drive by shooting, it is up to him to find the one responsible. Dom goes on a relentless search to find the answers he’s looking for, and bring justice to his fallen friend.

Completed in 2009 for Humber College Assignment.

The Meeting

I completed this in 2009 for a Humber College assignment. In addition to acting in it, I wrote this (partially) and shot a few scenes. I even did a promotional (fake) dvd cover for the behind the scene footage. The concept behind this was to have two people meet up and tell a story around that.




I was inspired to make a video based on my favorite drink (at the time) Amp’d by Mountain Dew… so I did just that… It works man. I didn’t edit it I just performed the stunts and Selected the shots. This isn’t my greatest video, but I am not embarrassed by it. “Cut on action” video completed for a school assignment at Humber College in 2009

Video Of The Day: Regarding Clark

“I Give a Fuck About Superman.” A brief discussion of Superman, Man Of Steel (there will be spoilers), and what Max Landis (he wrote “Chronicle“) sees as a problem with “superhero movies.” he makes note of the Avengers, Spider-Man and Batman which for all intents and purposes, he’s absolutely right in a way. The first 3 or so minutes I completely agree with, when he gets to the MOS bit, I kinda disagree with. The scene with Zod is the major part in question with this new movie and he talks about that. But I think he misses that as to why Superman deals with Zod the way he does. Max kind of misses why these superhero movies are filled with  such destruction. it adds a level of desperation a reason for the bad guy to be stopped. yes its terrible that it was so 9/11 looking but theres a reason for it that Zod even says. I posted this video just people can see:

  1. What Superman is really,
  2. Another look/opinion of the controversial scene
  3. and even though i agree with the film, i also agree with the video…

But anyway, just watch and enjoy

THAT’S IT! Cheers: “To Peace”. Your eLEWsive Thought Provided by: “LEW System”

– Xavier – @CoolyoNgeLEW

Video Of The Day: The Daily Show Weighs In on Rob Ford

Haha, get it weighs in. Anyway, this was funny to me right up to the point where they made it seem like a nation wide thing in the second half. I didn’t even know some of these events happen from our dear mayor. Hate him or love him, he does give us something to laugh at either way. I won’t get into politics on here (now) so just enjoy the humour this brings.

Bunji Garlin’s Differentology Music Video

The video for one of, if not, the biggest song of the year for Soca music is here. Personally, I suggest watching the video, then reading what Bunji said below the video and watch it again. I did and it makes a bit more sense.

“This is just a music video- it’s not a movie, but it’s not the typical music video where there’s just a lot of dancing. There’s a storyline. This video depicts man coming to life from nothingness to the formation of past, present and what will come in the future. It’s not a hard story from beginning to end- there’s still some freeness to it. I hope you enjoy.” – Bunji Garlin

The Trailer Park Week 1

Welcome to “The Trailer Park”. Here, I will just show you trailers, some with a description some just basking in its awesomeness.

First up is GRAVITY. Starring: Sandra Bullock and George Clooney.

2 Guns starring: Denzel & Mark Wahlberg (YES IT’S SPELLED 2 GUNS)

Next up is Kevin Hart’s “Let Me Explain” trailer to his stand up show. If you remember, he was in Toronto last year, this was that show


Video of the Day: Thor Vs Superman

Totally an unlikely situation but nonetheless, very well done production. If you ever wanted to know who would win… this answers your question (like there was any other answer).

p.s. POOR, POOR, choice/acting for Thor

THAT’S IT! Cheers: “To Peace” . Your eLEWsive Thought Provided by: the “LEW System”
– Xavier – @CoolyoNgeLEW