Superman II: Throwback Movie Review

You made us believe a man can fly, now show us what he can do.Superman2

Writers: Mario PuzoDavid NewmanLeslie NewmanTom Mankiewicz Director: Richard Donner Run Time: 127 Mins
superman-2-560The second chapter and it’s pretty enjoyable. The first film dealt with the origin story but gave a side story intended to be told in Superman Two. One issue with this picture was that Richard Donner was fired and the new director had basically reshot everything Donner had intended to tell for his movie. But thanks to Ms. Kidder informing people via an interview that Donner had shot enough footage to basically edit a feature-length movie, fans encouraged WB to release his vision for Superman two.That’s all for another review.

Superman One is probably most loved for having an epic shooting style and being able to have audiences young and old alike, believe that a man could fly largely in part to the performance of Christopher Reeves. So the challenge here was how do we keep the movie fresh? With bringing on a new director, one of the first things he did, as I said, was reshoot the movie and even edited out Marlon Brando. Another key thing was he gave someone who Superman could punch (well the story did).supeszod

I’d like to believe until Superman 2, all other live-action iterations, were just Superman taking on regular Joes who he couldn’t really unleash on.  Having such a dictator like foe from his home planet, really gave Supes an opportunity to show Metropolis and the world, that he was on the side of Earth, and its freedoms. Zod is a character so much like Clark had he had terrible parents and there’s a good contrast in the movie but due to its very light nature it’s easily missed.

That’s one of the best things about the Chris Reeves Superman movies, they’re all very heart warming and easy. Many regard this as the best Superman movie due to that aspect as well as the Metropolis showdown. There’s a scene with Lois and Clark (that would later be used as the back bone of “Superman Returns”) where the two have coitus but because of the nature of the story, characters and the acting it’s only implied that it happens. Childish in a way, yes, but at the age of 6 would you really want to see Superman have sex? Probably not.

A questionable move by the director to avoid using the epic style of Superman One instead moving more towards the look and feel of a comic book – The best way to describe it is the scenes where the story takes place in Niagara Falls. In comic books a lot of the panels involve “tight shots” that have a lot of people and objects neatly woven for the story aspect or just artist choice, this comes off very well here. Ignoring the time period of this movie, the Metropolis battle scene is another type of comic book style cinematography. It’s edited a little quicker, has a bit more of a flat angle and the random dialogue during the fight is spot on for a comic book.

Bottom Line: Its fun to relive this Superman film. It’s regarded as the last best film (sadly… But in a good way) in the Superman franchise. It isn’t the best one, but for what it is, it does serve its purpose and is still fun to watch now and worthy to see. If looking for back story on Zod however, you’re better off watching season five and nine of Smallville

Ratings for all movies will now be out of ten

  • Overall rating of the movie: 8.5 out of 10,
  • Cinematography: 5 out of 10,
  • Editing: 5 out of 10,
  • Audio: 8 out of 10,
  • Acting: 8 out of 10,

PS. there’s some weird powers used here, this may help you understand why. Got to love the silver age of comics.

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Superman: Earth One Review

At some point in life, you were either a teenager, or a young adult or maybe you currently are, and you’ve questioned everything before you as teachers & parents would tell you is a normal thing. Who you are, who you are meant to be, why you are, even why you don’t fit in, for example. Now for a moment, picture yourself as a child. You look like every other person around you…. Normal. You have every possible ability any other child born of this earth has. Now, keep with me, you are one day playing a little catch or stick ball with your dad/mom, brother etc, or you see a beautiful girl, or you try to run for the first time as a child, a bus with all your friends falls into a lake… And suddenly, you throw/hit that ball 20 miles away, you shoot intense heat from your eyes, you run as fast as you could and you are in China in 5 seconds (if you are reading this in China, then you’re in Brazil in three seconds) and you can pick up the bus with all your friends in it with ease. I’m sure you just pictured yourself not of this earth with the same questions. But they now have a greater weight to it don’t they?

I love how this looks like a billboard
I love how this looks like a billboard

That’s the main premise of “Superman Earth One”. You aren’t just a mere mortal, you’re an alien from a distant planet. Sent as a child to earth for what? To be the master of mortals? For protection? TO PROTECT Earth from harms way (which is the actual answer, by the way)? All these are great questions for a man who can literally do anything which is very evident in the early pages of this J. M. Straczynski written, Shane Davis drawn book. The artwork reminded me kind of a hard hitting, anime that has a serious film grain like in the movie 300. The costume choice is very much like the one seen in the early pages of Smallville season 11. It’s a great design (much better than the current Superman comics book design, and the Man of Steel one as well). The entire comic is drawn perfectly. I don’t think there’s really any bad page, panel. Though, I do question the look of Jonathan Kent. He looks much like William Dafoe. As well, and this is a contradiction, but the only page that’s a little confusing, was when they show the villain’s home world in the same orbit as Superman’s. Another thing that I really enjoyed, artistically, was they gave Lois a mole. It’s easy to miss; I’ve maybe read this book 3 times and I just now caught it. The only character design I didn’t like at all, was “Jimmy Olsen”. He looked like a very poorly drawn Wolverine. Shane was a great choice for this book, and one of the best creative collaborators to work with J.M.S since J.M.S’s run on Amazing Spider-man with John Romita Jr.

(But wait,Theres still more)

The work of J.M.S is brilliant. He took the story almost any comic reading being can recite to some degree, and built around it. He did it in a very interesting way that was very compelling. He made the origin feel organic to the story, and not just, “oh ye, we need to have this, so let’s just toss this in here.” There was almost like “we’re only telling you this so you understand how its all related to the story of the bad guy”. Yes, the initial origin of Superman ties directly to the past of bad guy here, and the bad guy here is an incredible one. He is very plausible and I have to wonder why no one honestly thought of it before to this degree in the regular comics.
Moving a bit a way from the character’s, J.M.S crafts a story that is short and sweet. It could be argued that it’s not worth the money asked for the book, but it is worth it if you so happen to find it for cheap at a “used” book store (B.M.V, for example for people in Toronto). It’s an easy read and gives you a lot of options that many of today’s young adults face when finishing school or still undecided in terms of career options. He used this medium to even bring valid debatable issues on a global scale through the villain, which I sort of agree with. But we don’t live in a world, sadly, to have it ever happen. He even took a page from Watchmen with the “end game” move towards the end.

J.M.S was one of the major reasons I got back into comics. He did a story called Sins Past, which, I’m probably the only one who enjoyed that story (deals with Gwen, having relations with Norman Osborn.. Ye, it’s sickening, but it happened). Then I followed the entire run of spider-man done by J.M.S and loved it, minus the ending (one more day, wasn’t his idea, but still). Then he left Marvel for the Definitive Competition and here we are. The cover drew me to the book. I loved how mysterious and bad ass he seemed (Superman). Then I found out it was a J.M.S story, and I only said “take my money”. One thing that does annoy me with this is that THIS is called Earth One, which means it’s the main Superman. Yet, some how, for some reason, it didn’t go to become the origin of the “New 52” Superman. Why? I don’t know. It was much better of a story than what was produced early from both “Action Comics” & “Superman” books.

Bottom line if your into Superman this is probably the best origin story your gonna get for a while, that pays homage to a lot other incarnations of the Man of Steel. It’s a great out of continuity read and it’s fast as well. It’s definitely worthy of a pick up.128


  • Overall rating of the comic: 8.7 out of 10,
  • Art:  8 out of 10,
  • layout*: 10 out of 10,
  • True to character dialogue: 7 out of 10,
  • Story: 8.8 out of 10,
  • Continuity? Well its out of normal continuity, so it works, but in general, from panel to panel, it is pretty solid.

Thank you for reading feedback is always helpful.

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Smallville… A Look Back

2001 saw the start of something that’s been done over & over. We were introduced to a population of about 45,000! and it was just like any other day.. Well.. Sort of. It was the home coming to the crows, the local high-school team for the small midwestern town. Of course if you don’t already know, I’m talking about Smallville– The home of the worlds (soon to be) GREATEST EVER SUPERHERO!

A quick run down of the seasons.

Se1- meteor freaks. Seasons end conflict: freak tornado.

Se2: the story gets deeper and we learn more about Clark’s origins and what affects him. Seasons end conflict: Clark leaves after causing his family pain with the aid of Red Kryptonite.

Se3: Clark returns, but at a price. His dad (Johnathan Kent) makes a deal with Clark’s father, Jor-el. Lex goes crazy.

Seasons end conflict: Jor-el wants back his son to do his bidding.

Se4: Clark returns, Lois shows up, and Jor-el sends Clark on a treasure hunt. Flash/Impulse is introduced. Seasons end conflict: Clark has to stop another meteor shower and erect the fortress of solitude.

Se5: Time to become super. Clark becomes human and finally gets with Lana. Brainiac arrives, and wants Zod to make Earth the new Krypton, but ifrst he needs a human host. Johnathan runs for senator, Lionel Luther confesses to a secret that ends up killing Johnathan. Aquaman and Cyborg are introduced.
Season’s end conflict: Lex gets possessed by Zod’s entity and sends the boy scout to the phantom Zone.

Se6: Clark fights his way back to his loved ones, and as he does, his world isn’t so small as he first thought, as “Green Arrow” is introduced and the justice league is formed. (Don’t ask..) As Clark is about to finally start his training with Jor-el, he gets reports that when he came back the Phantoms, from the Phantom Zone are on Earth.

Season’s end conflict: Bizzaro.

Se7. The fight continues as Clark & Bizzaro try to figure how to beat the other. Kara-EL, Super Girl bursts on to the scene. A secret society, Veritas, has always known & had plans for a traveler, who happens to be Clark.
Season’s end conflict: Lex kills everyone who is aware of the existence of “Veritas”, to get the answers he’s been wanting since the first meteor shower.

Se8: Lex is rumored to be dead, and Clark feels ok with that. He finally starts taking the right steps to become the legend, but first he’s gotta deal with Doomsday and a stupid blonde headed friend. Lana says her final PAINFUL Goodbye. Season’s end conflict: Doomsday.

Se9: The Orb that Lex found in se7 comes alive to reveal clone of the not yet General, but Major Zod. It’s a game of wits and lies and questions. Clark & Lois finally get closer to being together. Season’s end conflict: Major Zod and his Kandorian Amry.

Se10 (the final season): It’s Time to become legend (If you read Marvel’s Civil war, DC’s Final crisis, then you kinda understand what I’m about to say). The U.S gov’t wants the “heroes” to register and be an army with an agenda, and an Anti-life equation that sweeps metropolis. Bringing Darksieds “Apokolips” to Earth. Clark gets ready to wed Lois. And well, just watch the series finale.

The saddest thing about this is, this may have been the ONLY TIME we get to see Clark in any real “Superman” outfit or remotely close to one that isn’t CGI (though many believe this was a cgi S shield)

I can’t spoon feed you everything, just know that if you watch it from start to finish you may bust a tear.

I was like 12 when this show started and was mad crazy about Superman (I’ll get into that later), so this show was great at the time it came on. I was a preteen figuring out emotions, feels, wants, and having people I didn’t know trying to control me (for better or for worse…). Everything this show dealt this seemed to some how come back to me. Be it a theme or an exact replica of an event. There’s this thing that draws you to this show especially come season three. I don’t know what that thing is exactly, but I’m glad it did. There’s so much about Superman here in this show its crazy, he has been around since the 1930’s. There’s so much that the character has gone through from marriage, a few reboots, like 5 movies, a death, and a bunch of cartoons. But this show may have been one of the best takes on superman. Well, up to season 7, then it was just watching to see what they ruined. As good as the series finale is, it leaves too many questions for both the on/off screen moments. None the less, this is the start of my *Season 11 comic reviews… I’ll try and do them more frequently. So enjoy! (See next post)


P.S. just for you viewing pleasure: